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FREEDIVER: Triton Down: A thrilling underwater VR experience

The ocean is a vast and mysterious place. Just looking at it from the shore can give you a feeling of how small and insignificant we really are. Many people even fear the deep from fear of the unknown. You never know what could be lurking in the depths. Maybe Cthulhu? Those of us who have gone diving know that it’s nothing scary. In fact, it is a beautiful place that gives you want to observe and be a part of. FREEDIVER: Triton Down lets you dive into the deep in gorgeous VR on a mission to find your mentor Dr. Lindstrom.

FREEDIVER beautiful ocean depths


You play as a world-class freediver named Ren Tanaka. She is capable of diving to incredible depths and doing so for an extraordinary amount of time, without scuba gear. On your last dive, you had a really close call and have been landlocked ever since. That is, until you found out that your mentor Dr. Lindstorm has made a stunning discovery in an underwater cavern.

Once you get to her ship, named the Triton,  you quickly find out that it is in the process of sinking. It’s up to you to quickly brush up on your diving skills and fill up your lungs with your most valuable resource, oxygen. You will need every little bit of it as you traverse the sinking ship.


FREEDIVER: Triton Down puts you in a semi realistic scenario that forces you to think fast or drown. The pressure is really on when you have to use your problem solving skills to solve puzzles in the sinking ship. Thankfully, the Archiact team has developed an intuitive form of locomotion for VR, to make it an easier experience. Swim through the ship, avoid drowning and other dangers and try to find out what happened to Dr. Lindstrom. Get to the bottom of this mysterious case before the ship gets to the bottom of the ocean.

FREEDIVER diving in ship

Talk about beautiful

The game looks truly great. It really immerses you in the magnificent ocean depths and makes you feel the claustrophobia of a tight corridors of a sinking ship. The environment looks real and alive. And the sound effects and soundtrack are an amazing accompaniment to the entire experience. But that is no surprise because of the from an award-winning audio team that worked on FREEDIVER.

FREEDIVER sunken ship


FREEDIVER: Triton Down is an experience worth having. Unless you have a fear of water or the depths of the ocean. Or of the mythical creepy crawlers lurking in the deep. It’s well worth its Steam price tag and is something that can only be felt through the VR magic of an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift.

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