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Flappy Flappy VR: Fun Innovation or Boring Clone

Do you remember Flappy Bird? That mobile game that became extremely popular for no apparent reason  despite being very simple. Of course you do, it’s edged itself in humanities collective consciousness like an annoying memory that, you might not pay any mind, but pops up from time to time. But have you wondered what it would be if it was made for VR? Well someone did, so now we have Flappy Flappy VR, and surprisingly, it’s an enjoyable experience. Who would have guessed?

Flappy Flappy VR Mountains


It’s Flappy Bird, but in VR. You’ve already formed a mental image in your mind and I’m almost sure that 90% of you think this is a dumb idea. It should be, but it ends up actually working out. As it’s now VR there are a few interesting changes. The obvious one is that you’re the bird instead of looking at it from the side. One interesting addition is that you have to caw to attract other birds in order to increase your score.  Yes you read that correct, you have to make bird noises in Flappy Flappy VR. How does it work? I’ll quote the developers on that “Our innovative CCS (Caw-dio Capture System) assures Caw-Driven™ gameplay for maximum fun, mostly for those spectating”

Flappy Flappy VR Desert

Another interesting aspect of Flappy Flappy VR is the way you move. You go higher by actually flapping your arms up and down, and descend by keeping them still. So, in order to play this game you have to make bird noises and flap like one as well. You can already imagine how hilarious this looks, and that’s the point. This is a fun game made for laughs. Invite a friend over, give him this to play and watch him have act like an insane person.

Flappy Flappy VR Death


This game is actually fun. It’s not as frustrating as Flappy Bird, far from it actually, and you get some exercise out of it as well. There is just this one little thing that annoys me and it’s not a problem with the game really. Why do you have to fly straight towards the pipes instead of going a bit to the left or right. Flappy Bird was 2D so you couldn’t but, Flappy Flappy VR isn’t. Just MOVE TO THE FLOCKING SIDE, it’s not even a problem, just a logical annoyance. Anyway, if you are interested you can check the Steam page here.

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