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Feed the Piranhas in Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy

One night, as I was sleeping comfortably in my bed, my peace was ruined by a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that I was tied and thrown into an aquarium. And drowning in that aquarium was the least of my problems. It was full of piranhas who were very hungry and aggressive. Thankfully, before being shredded to pieces and eaten, I woke up. But today I am reliving this nightmare again as we are previewing Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy!

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy IFGN 1

About the Game

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy is a competitive VR aquarium style game that’s available both for PC and Android. It is set a year after a nuclear winter in the Amazon River. Food is extremely scarce and lots of hungry fish are looking for it. After a long migration journey to the sea, the piranha clan had managed to preserve itself. At last, they reached the mouth of the Amazon where river meets ocean and beautiful flora and fauna flourished everywhere. However, they weren’t the only hungry species in this paradise. There were hungry sharks and turtles and even sea monsters. And once the first blood came, the feeding frenzy was on. With each bite the other fish were growing stronger and started to visibly change. Their flesh began to rot and eyes were glowing red. Something was fishy there… (pun intended)

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy IFGN 2


Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy will allow you to play either with or against your friends on servers or with the computer generated AI in single player. You are basically a zombie fish piranha whose only goal is to eat more and more rotten flesh. The flesh makes you stronger but hungrier and you have to race against the other fish or they will eat your food away. With the initial release of the game, there will be 10 levels with 4 playable characters with various customizations.

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy IFGN 3


Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy is a fun and competitive, bloody and gory game that is available for Desktop PC, Virtual Reality and Android. The game is planned to come out on June 28th and if you like it  and would like to support it and the developers, feel free to add it to your wishlist on Steam.

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