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Fantastic Arcade-Like Space Shooter: Debris Field

I’d like you to image that old arcade game Asteroids, where you were a pilot of a space vessel and you’d have to shoot big floating space rock, which then broke into smaller chunks and your goal was to survive as long as possible against the constant barrage of stones. Now imagine it was more concentrated on shooting enemy ships that are trying to kill you and that it came out in 2019. Now you’ve got a general idea of what Debris Field is about, but there is much more to the game itself.

Debris Field Asteroids


So let’s start with the story. It’s short and simple, but it sets a good mood. A sector had to be quickly evacuated, which resulted in a lot of left behind valuables. However, going there for these treasures would be a madman’s endeavor. Why you ask, it’s because the area is now corrupt and filled endless swarms of ships piloted by crazy zealots that guard the place. It would take someone crazier than them to attempt to steal those valuables, and you happen to be just that.

Debris Field Ships


Debris Field is a top down physics based shooter. You have to navigate through a field of asteroids while fighting against swarms of enemy ships and collecting valuable material. The game has rogue-like elements, and focuses on using Newtonian movement to out maneuver opponents. There are several different starting ships to choose from, all with their own stats and loadouts. There are five areas to fight through, all with unique to the level terrain and enemies. As you progress through them the difficulty will rise, making for a challenging experience. To help you fight against the rising odds you have upgrades which you can use to improve your weapons and ship, so make sure to collect as much as you can if you want to survive.

Debris Field Asteroids


There isn’t anything too complex about Debris Field. It’s a fairly simple concept, kill collect and improve.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot of fun to offer though. The game features multiple levels, variety of weapons and enemies, and sheer level of challenge and excitement. There isn’t really anything more to ask from it, a solid title that can provide you with multiple hours of entertainment. If you are interested in the game make sure to check out its Steam page here.

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