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Face Your Fears VR Review: What scares you?

Does experiencing your deepest fears in horrifying virtual reality sound like a good time to you? If so, you should definitely try out Face Your Fears from the developers at Turtle Rock Studios.

Fear of heights:

Face Your Fears starts by giving you a choice of two doors. Each of them leads you to the ideal setting in which to tackle a specific fear. The first one puts you in front of the window of an office in a very tall building. Shortly after, a plane crashes into the building and a huge robot picks you up and puts you atop the office building. Needless to say this first door led to the fear of heights.

Huge robot on skyscraper

Fear of the dark:

The second door puts you in the shoes of a small child trying to fall asleep in his dark bedroom. Here you get to pick one of three children’s books, each leading to a horrific sequence of events. This door tackles a few different fears, ranging from fear of the dark to fear of clowns, demons and the paranormal.


Sound design and visuals:

The game’s biggest selling points are definitely the sound design and the visuals. These two combined make for a spine-chilling experience. With every squeak of the floor and every gust of wind you will get goosebumps.


In terms of gameplay you get to look around helplessly and hope that you don’t get thrown off a skyscraper or eaten alive. This is because it is more a VR experience than a game. Its goal is to immerse you in its world and make you come face to face with your fears. And it does this with stomach-turning visuals, creepy sound design and overall scary atmosphere.

The Verdict:

There is undoubtedly something very exciting about feeling helpless is such scary situations. The game is enjoyable even if you are not deathly afraid of heights or the dark. Face Your Fears is developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Oculus Studios. It can be found here on the oculus website. And best of all it is completely free.

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