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Odd Realm – a World Simulator Game

Odd Realm is a simulation game set in a procedurally generated, fantasy world where you foster a group of Settlers to help them build, explore, and survive. Build a settlement that survives the passing seasons, roaming bandits, underground horrors, and gods from legend. This is similar to a colony management builder.


Odd Realm is a simulation game set in a procedurally generated, fantasy world where you foster a group of Settlers to help them build, explore, and survive.

About the game

The world of Odd Realm is always randomly generated. This pixel art game offers the players 4 procedurally generated biomes (Desert, Taiga, Voidland, and Tropical). There are also different settler races, but in the beginning the only available one is the human race. Once you have chosen your settling area you may start your long and exciting journey. In order to survive you need to build a strong community. Much like other world simulation games the first step is gathering resources, building shelter and looking for food.

Every settler has a profession which they will specialise in after time. There are 9+ Settler professions, each of them being mandatory for the survival of the community. If you want to progress in the game you need to build different type of buildings that need to be specially marked as a kitchen, a bedroom or many other categories. Along your journey you will meet people from other races or even from your own. Many could be friends or enemies so you should be careful, as there are unique scenarios and encounters based on the player’s decisions. Where you chose to live is important too. Because they could meet you with cold steel and hugs made of arrows. Stay on your toes at all time.


Odd Realm

The world around you

This is a very beautiful pixel game. The world around you is dynamic and always changing. You can choose from thousands of generated landscapes to make your new home. A desert oasis? A magical mountain range? Where you choose to settle will determine what resources you have at your disposal, what you encounter, and how challenging your experience will be. Use the resources in your environment to build whatever you want. You can create anything you think of. From a big sand castle to a fortress in the mountains. Dig mines into the earth to uncover lost tombs, dormant gods, and lakes filled with creatures watching from the deep. Just make sure not to go too deep!


Odd Realm

Early Access

Unknown Origin Games decided to get the community involved as early in development as possible. Delaying the release of the game for another year just to develop in a vacuum seems like a fairly good way to limit the creative potential of any game. And, based on the type of game that Odd Realm is, this is especially so. This is a game that has a large amount of freedom to evolve. It’s important for Players to be a part of that process. Their feedback and creative ideas are fuel for the game to grow in interesting ways.

Hopefully by the help of players feedback some new features might be added to the game. Here are some features that are exciting to potentially add during the early access period: boats, more biomes, invading other settlements, magical components to make working machines, four more playable races, and, of course, as many items, props, creatures, plants, and scenarios as possible. Odd Realm is at a stage where it is feature and content complete. That is to say, feature and content complete for the Early Access build.


Odd Realm


In my opinion this is almost Minecraft in a RPG-like form. You need to gain resources by mining and farming. You also need to build a little camp or even a city and find allies to grow your community. The more positive choices you make the longer you will survive. It is a very fun game and the gameplay is very long. Entertainment is guaranteed.

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