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Exciting Action Adventure: Breach Point

I’ll be honest, I’m a big Indiana Jones fan. I don’t know if it’s because of the interesting foreign settings, the early years during which it takes place, the eerie trap filled tombs, the slight mystical touch or just the adventures as a whole. This naturally results in me being attracted to games with a similar premise. One such game that recently came to my attention is Breach Point. It’s an action adventure game for VR with sci-fi elements.

Breach Point Reloading


One thing to keep in mind about Breach Point is that it’s still in early access because the developers wish to gather player feedback in order to make sure that it is enjoyable before continuing further. That means you should keep in mind that it’s prone to problems and changes. The plan is for it the exit early access around April 2020. As for the game itself, Breach Point is a science fiction adventure set in the 1950s. It’s going to be released episodically. The plans are for it to have eight episodes for the full version, with only one being currently released.

Breach Point Shooting

The premise of Breach Point that two protagonists stumble their way into the twist and turns of a time traveling adventure spanning multiple years and various extravagant locations. The first part of the episode is set in the jungles of Colombia where you must uncover Muisca Gold from one of its lost cities. Things might seem normal at first but soon you must deal with heavies that are sent in to stop you  from leaving with the treasure. The second level changes up locations. It will be in Egypt where, as the developers have stated “Players will venture into the tombs of the temple and discover things both amazing and terrifying.”

Breach Point Egypt


The concept of Breach Point isn’t anything new, but what makes it interesting is the VR aspect. Unlike most similar games, here you can really feel like your in the shoes of the protagonist because, well, you kinda are. We still don’t know much about the time traveling aspect of the game so you can look forward to how that turns up. If you are interested in Breach Point you can check its Steam page here.

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