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Everything about Beatcrash – An Immersive VR Rhythm Game

About the game

It’s Friday, finally the end of a long week. And like every other person you probably want to let off some steam. Beatcrash is just the VR game for you. It will take you away from your stressful daily life. Exercise while testing your rhythm skills in this new rhythm VR game called Beatcrash. It is playable on Oculus and on HTC Vive and it is fully immersive. Swing your sword or hammer and destroy flying objects to the beat of the music. You can enjoy smashing objects like stars and cubes to the upbeat music that the game offers. You can also pick your favorite tracks. One of the most interesting features are the bombs that come your way. If by any chance you grab one of them too close to your face they will explode. The art of this rhythm game is very pretty and detailed so it will definitely keep you entertained.




We asked the developer of this amazing game to answer a few questions for our lovely readers. The things that you are most interested in can be found below.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your game?

A: When I first saw the 360 degree image through a VR device, I thought I’d like to feel this atmosphere in the game. I was a game programmer so I decided to make a VR game and I like listening to music. The good thing about rhythm games is that you can focus on music. But whenever I played a rhythm game, I got stressed because I don’t have any sense of rhythm. This is why I wanted to make a stress-free rhythm game.


BeatcrashQ: Tell us a little bit about your team/studio.

A: HGsofts is one person company. I tried to figure out if I could make a game by myself so I had to study a lot. It was hard, but now I’m satisfied. Because I learned a lot while making this game. Now I want to make a game with the congenial people so that I can make more fabulous games.


BeatcrashQ: How long has the game been in development?

A: I started developing it in August of the year before and launched it in the Oculus store last year. Back then this game featured only punching without weapons and bombs. Actually last year I didn’t keep developing this game. I studied other things and this year I updated the game. I think the actual development period is one year.


Q: According to you what is the most interesting thing about the game?

A: It felt cool when I threw bombs and blew up objects. I think throwing a bomb seems to be the most interesting thing. But I heard catching a bomb is tricky. The bomb goes off right away when it hits your hand so you need to think about the speed at which the bomb is coming. I recommend you to pull your hand back and hold it or you can catch the bomb from the side. When I’m holding a bomb in both hands, It’s the most enjoyable time.


BeatcrashQ: What are your future plans for the game?

A: The advantage of this game is that it’s easy to add maps. So I’d like to add maps with an atmosphere. And I’d like to upgrade the graphics, add weapons and songs.  

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