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Enhance Your Cooking Skills In The Cooking Game VR

And here we have another cooking game where we apply our everyday cooking skills to the test. The Cooking Game VR is still in Early Access because of the need for more feedback. In this VR game you are a fast food chef and you have the responsibility to feed hungry customers with burgers, hot dogs and fries. At the same time you compete with you rival chef right across the room. Who will have the highest score and can you finish all the orders in time?

The Cooking Game VR


How exactly does the game work? Well you have multiple levels you have to pass. Each level becomes more difficult and by passing them you earn stars. With these stars later on you have the ability to upgrade your kitchen appliances as if this is your own fast food restaurant. Wait for customers to enter your fast food restaurant and they will give you their order. Their order automatically comes up on screens at the top of the room. You have 4 screens each with their number and every screen has a corresponding tray with the same number. Each order is special for every tray. Once you receive your order you have to start cooking the burgers, the hot dogs and some fries. The fast food has two states, raw and done, you simply have to cook it to be done. When you are ready with your customers order the waitress will take the food to them. If you take too long however the customers will get mad and leave. The more customers you lose the lower the score you will get and your opponent will best you. 

The Cooking Game VR


There is an option where you can play with a friend which adds to the fun. You can share this fun experience with a close friend. However the PVP option requires a good internet connection and it offers you to out-serve another player in PvP gameplay. You can compete with your friends and be on top of the leaderboard.


In my opinion the art is a little bit funny, the characters are with big heads and resemble a chibi. But you can say that it is fun to look at their big heads tilt left and right when they walk. The restaurant looks more like a school room to me. The way the orders are displayed to the player in the overhead screens, the numbers on the trays and tables, objectives and current standings are all available. They are placed throughout the environment and it shows that the designers put thought into The Cooking Game VR. It is presented to the player very clearly.


Sounds in The Cooking Game VR are pretty well done. There is a restaurant atmosphere sound, the waitress reaction let you know when you have failed or succeeded. And their constant nagging kept you on your toes because it added even more to the feeling you have to hurry.

The Cooking Game VR


In my opinion this game is fun to kill time and play with your friends. You can get competitive and make it up to the top of the leaderboard. However it needs further polishing and knowing it is in Early Access I think it is acceptable. If you are interested in the game I put a link to the Steam page here.

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