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Embrace Your Inner Magician with This Game – Clash of Spells

If you are a weird and crazy person like me, you are probably an even weirder child who wished to fly and be a wizard and do all kinds of magical things. But then you grew up and life hit you hard and you realized that you can’t actually do that and you got depressed. Okay, maybe im exagerrating a little but you get the point. But thanks to the technology of the 21st century, we get to experience magic and our childhood dreams in video games!

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About the Game

Today we are looking at Clash of Spells – a fast-paced multiplayer magic shooter for room-scale virtual reality. The point of the game is to cast and dodge elemental spells to destroy the enemies and survive. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and so far it offers 16 different spells that vary from fire, water, lightning and so on. It has 3 game maps and a lot more to come as it develops together with the community’s feedback

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In Clash of Spells players are divided into 2 teams of 4vs4 in a deathmatch multiplayer mode. You can attack with whatever spell you choose and you should also keep in mind that you can combine those spells to form even more powerful ones. To protect yourself you can either dodge spells with real time movements or you can raise an energy shield that will provide protection for a short period of time. Each player is on a platform under his control and he can teleport to another platform using a spell.

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Despite being a competitive game where players have to use their skills and reflexes to kill each other, it is also a team game. You can heal your team members and create strategies to coordinate your attacks better to deal more damage to the other team and win the game. However, if you don’t feel like playing against your friends or other people, you have to option to play or practice against bots.

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Clash of Spells is a cool and interesting multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends, all in full virtual reality. You get to live out all of your dreams to become a wizard and shoot out magic and fireballs. If you like the game and want to see it come to life, you can wish list it on Steam and leave your feedback, so that you can help the developers.

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