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Embark on a Five-Day Vacation with Monsters in a Morgue!

I very much admire people who have the guts to play horror games. I have never been one of those people and I have always avoided horror games. Especially when it comes to Virtual Reality horror games. But for the sake of this preview I will have to overcome my fears and bring you – the readers information about today’s game – A Five-Day Tour in the Morgue. Because unlike me, most people enjoy the adrenaline that horror games bring.

Morgue Tour IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

A Five-Day Tour in the Morgue is a sneak and puzzle-solving horror game in which you have to avoid being seen by “them” or the monsters. You have to always be alert and never slack as falling behind may be fatal for you because “they” are coming for you at all times. If you decide to hide in a dark spot, don’t rush to feel safe. “They” may also be hiding in a dark spot and might leave you unpleasantly surprised. And don’t even think about using your flashlight as it will only attract “them”.

Morgue Tour IFGN Screenshot 2


In this VR horror game, different monsters have different behaviours and no monster reacts the same way. That means that you have to examine each monster’s behaviour very well in order to survive. As you progress during the different levels of the game, you will find various items that are going to help you like weapons, flashlights and so on. But be careful some of those items might do you more harm than help. You have 5 days to find the way out of this morgue and escape. If you don’t manage to escape, you die. Sounds fun, right?

Morgue Tour IFGN Screenshot 3


A Five-Day Tour in the Morgue is a virtual reality horror game that is surely going to make your heart beat faster and give you a fright. Available for the HTC Vive, if you like horror and are looking for something new to try out, definitely give it a go on Steam.

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