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In my opinion mobile games are made with the sole purpose to make me stay on the toilet for upwards of thirty minutes. At least I’m free of their shackles when I am on my computer. Right? Well not with Dunkypung. This game is made to infuriate people with its difficulty and make them ask “What did I do all day?”. DUNKYPUNG is an indie game that is “Coded, Arted and Music’d by Nathan Meunier”. You can expect to see it out any day now and it will be available on PC and iOS.

What you are in for

In DUNKYPUNG you control a small red ball. By control I mean that you tell it when to bounce. Otherwise it moves left or right until it hits a wall in which case it starts moving to the opposite direction. That sounds simple enough but it quickly gets complicated when the game starts throwing all sorts of obstacles at you. Saws, spikes, mines and bosses are some of the things that pop up to make your day more painful. Oh, did i mention that this game is hard? Because it is spit in your eye and steal your lunch money difficult!


Cute but psycho

DO NOT be fooled by its cute design. It is colorful and pleasant to look at and it has adorable sound effects. I personally enjoy all the different ways it says “DEATH”. If you give the game’s Steam page a quick look you will see that that is one of its main selling points. It’s not for the weak at heart. DUNKYPUNG starts by telling you that you might not be good enough to play it without first putting it in “Casual Mode”. Of course that doesn’t actually make the game any easier, it just gives you 2 extra lives. It entices you to keep playing by giving you missions, unlockables and more levels to play.


Get if you dare

If you are in for a game that will kick your ass just so that you don’t forget that it can. Or if you want a game that you can play as you watch the seasons change from out your window, then DUNKYPUNG is for you. When it comes out you will be able to find it for PC here and for iOS here.

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