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Dive into simulator games with Deep West

Deep West is an MMORPG for PC that presents a realistic simulation of the wild west. It is being developed by a small German indie studio under the name of Lone Wolf Studios.Their game is currently on Kickstarter and it needs your support to come to life. The game looks very promising and the studio is working hard to build their community and make a great game for their players. So, if you want to know whether or not it deserves your support, then keep reading this article.

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Deep West is a wild west survival simulation with sandbox elements. Your purpose is to survive through Winter and have enough resources to sustain your cattle and everything else you own. You do that in various ways. You can become sheriff, a bandit or a farmer. It is all up to you and your style of gameplay. You can build your own town from scratch with its own government voting system. Managing a business is another opportunity that Deep West puts in front of you. You can then trade your resources as another way of sustaining your property. In the role of a sheriff you get to work with a realistic justice system that is going to allow you to keep the order in your town. You can choose to create a family to look after, or you can go all evil and start buying slaves. If, however, running a town is not your thing, you can always wander away in the wild forests and hunt game for your survival.

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What impressed me the most in Deep West is the graphics. The level of detail and realism to the environment is amazing and pleasing. Every item in the game represents the wild west very accurately and it successfully creates the atmosphere of that age. For a small indie studio like Lone Wolf Studios, I think this is impressive.

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Deep West is a realistic-looking simulator of the wild west that allows you to dive into the atmosphere of that time. If you ever dreamed of being a sheriff of your own town to fight crime or if you wanted to be on the other side of the law as a bandit, you can do that in Deep West. That and so much more. A game of this size and goals awaits a lot of work. The small team at Lone Wolf is surely going to need your support. With that and hopefully a successful Kickstarter campaign I believe they are going to make a quality simulator game. So, check out their page and support them if you like what you see.

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