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Distance VR Racing Game Review: Neon Arcade Survival Racer

Distance is a gorgeous, addicting and adrenaline-filling racing game that throws you into a futuristic neon-drenched city in which you have to ride to survive.

The game was released back in 2014 but still remains one of the greatest immersive racers for virtual reality to this day. Developed by Refract Studios, it has received a very positive feedback from the community. Its Steam Workshop and ingame level editor mode allows the players to create their own tracks from scratch and share them with friends. Yes, that means that the game is both single-player and multiplayer.



Gameplay and Key Features

Distance puts you in a futuristic supercar which you can see both from 3rd and 1st person perspective. It has abilities that allow you to drive upside down and on walls and buildings. So that gets you to ride, rotate, jump and fly on treacherous roads with obstacles around every corner. The game offers you an Adventure mode. A short single-player experience which consists of pursuing an ominous threat in a dark, neon-lit mysterious city.

Distance gameplay screnshot 1

Another mode is Arcade which puts you up against ghosts to take on the leaderboards’ best. By winning you earn medals and unlock new tracks in several different modes.

One of the coolest modes is the Multiplayer one. Online you can gather up to 12 players or 2-4 for a split screen to race in modes like Reverse Tag, Stunt and others. With the Trackmogrify feature – a random track generator with advanced seed modifiers – you are never going to have a repetitive experience.

distance screenshot 5 multiplayer

And last but not least, the Level Editor. A powerful feature that allows you to set your mind free and create whatever colourful psychedelic-looking tracks your imagination desires. With Steam Workshop allowing you to share them with every player online where they have uploaded over 2,500 levels.


Graphics and Art Style

For a VR game from 2014 the graphics are fairly beautiful. The developers’ previous award-winning project Nitronic Rush has been praised exactly for its visual style and their current one is no exception. Distance amazing vibrant and immersive colours and visuals all amped by amazing particle effects.

distance screenshot 6


What could make this game even better? Awesome, rhythmic electronic music that fully completes the whole picture and adds to the fun mysteriousness of the levels. All from the composer behind other award-winning titles like Solace, The Fourth Wall and Nitronic Rush as well. Reaching insane velocities with techno music pumping in the background is as addictive as it sounds.



Despite still being in Early Access for a long time, Distance is a very polished game that allows you to feel the sensations of speed.

Multiplayer mode and the huge community support via Steam Workshop are sure to provide tons of fun with your friends.

Supported both on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift it is an immersive, very intense and insanely fun racing game. From gorgeous visuals, innovative mechanics and amazing soundtracks even if you are not the biggest fan of racers, this game has a thing to offer to everyone.

You can purchase the game here.

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