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Defeat The Lost in the RPG card game The Last Hex

A deck-building RPG with roguelike elements. The dead arise and only you can stand against them. Travel the lands to slay monsters, acquire new cards, survive dangerous encounters and claim powerful equipment to enhance your deck. A final showdown with The Lost awaits you in The Last Hex!

The Last Hex

About the game

Today we will be looking at an RPG turn-based card game. The Last Hex is still in Early Access as for now and hopefully the full version of the game will have more unlockables, more character classes, more cards, enemies, events and equipment. Early Access is an opportunity for many game developers to reach out to the community and get very useful feedback. Because of this “That Indie Studio” believes that this can help them build an amazing game. They already have a solid foundation for The Last Hex and with the help of the community this game is sure to grow even more. The goal is to get The Last Hex out of Early Access as soon as possible, but not to rush the final product. The current estimate is 5-8 months so that enough feedback is received.


The Last Hex


In The Last Hex there are multiple character classes with different stats and starting cards. These characters have an already-made deck and while you progress through the game you can change them as much as you like. Get rid of weak cards and replace them with strong ones. And depending on your skill/spell cards your stats can change too. Your character has 7 equipment slots to fill and that can change the course of your run. They are very similar to upgrades so to say that they can increase your attack or defense. Also another feature is a multitude of events that could help or hinder you. While roaming the map you can find friends or foes. Even chests can’t be trusted as they could be mimics. Your main goal is to reach enemy camps and defeat the horde of monsters all with different decks and unique characteristics. The procedural hex map shows you all events and towns that are near. Be mindful of where you decide to go because there are traps along your journey. Gather good cards and become a real hex master.


The Last Hex

No journey is like the last

Procedural maps

Every time a new run is started a random map is procedurally generated, containing random terrain types, enemy camps, random events and cities with their own exhaustible shops. Monsters will level as you progress through the map. However, as you explore, The Lost will slowly take over the map destroying cities and events in its wake. Exploration makes you stronger, but as the dead spreads it serves to empower your foe.

Cards based off character stats

The cards in your deck are affected by your stats. Each card has its own formula which uses your stats to determine how powerful the effect is. To raise your stats you must equip yourself with items and you will also have chances to gain stats via events. Some cards are stronger at the start of a run but loose their powers later on, while others grow through your run.

You can’t possibly get confused with any card or skill.

The players are given the best chance of survival by giving them access to quite a bit of information. Each unique monster has a set custom deck. Learn what effects and cards a monster has to figure out the best strategy to defeat them. Players can see the entire map from the start. See all terrain types, all cities and even all the events to optimize your route to ensure your success.

The Last Hex


I found this game to be very well thought through. The developers had a very clear idea of what they want to accomplish with The Last Hex. And so we have a card game where the player has the power of knowledge to create a deck with which he or she can save their world from The Lost. I suggest you try every class and defeat the enemy with different techniques. What path will you take to destroy The Lost?

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