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Deadsiege – an Action RPG Game

Enter the apocalyptic fantasy world filled with beings of total destruction like monsters and demons. Become the only warrior worthy of defeating these creatures and experience intense combats. Make strong friendships that will guarantee victory in battle.


Deadsiege rpg game

About the game

Deadsiege is a game that is heavily inspired by old classic genres. It is an action RPG game set in an ancient fantasy world with a great selection of weapons, items and outfits. You can explore the world and battle vicious enemies. You can collect unique equipment, level up your character, grow your talent tree and unleash powerful skills to wipe out your enemies.

This epic RPG action game contains a wide arsenal of different enemies and bosses. Furthermore, higher level enemies give more experience and better loot, but are dangerous and harder to kill. Currently the game has 1 map and 12 abilities in the Talent Tree system. The gameplay should take around 3-5 hours on average. Players will see small updates that are added frequently with various tweaks and additions.


Deadsiege rpg gameFeatures

An interesting feature in Deadsiege is the combat, it is very dynamic. The player can swap between melee and ranged weapons. Actually you can go all out on your enemies by dodging their attacks and stand against hordes of monsters. Every player gets a good treat. The loot system randomly generates items with common, rare, epic and legendary classes that give you the opportunity to build your character the way you want. And what action RPG game doesn’t feature a spell system?

That system in Deadsiege includes AoE, damage over time, disable and stats modifier effects. Everyone in the game has their own Talent Tree that they need to grow. Grow your Talent Tree and unleash powerful skills. Become more powerful as you advance through the game. The character stats are totally customisable. Adjust your vitality, strength, defense and Intelligence. You can choose physical and magical builds or mix of both. No matter what you like there is something for every taste.


Deadsiege rpg game


Deadsiege has a Diablo feel to it. It comes close to most hack’n’slash action RPG games. The graphics are very cool and there are a lot of weapons, armor and monsters. You need to learn most of the skills to really play it properly. And even though it is in its early stage of development it has a lot of content. With further development Deadsiege will indeed become a very good game.

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