Dark Fantasy Game Third Omen Launches its Kickstarter Campaign

The Bulgaria based indie game company Incineration has launched a kickstarter campaign for their new game Third Omen. This will be the first released game of their studio, and they hope to show who they are as game developers to the world.


Third Omen is a dark fantasy action-adventure game, taking inspiration from similar old-school games. Currently it is in a very early stage of its development, so it’s  hard to predict what the final product will be. Still, we have enough information to form a good idea of what to expect.

Third Omen Catedral


You take the role of Eve, a primordial force that represents the very concept of humanity. Currently there isn’t that much revealed about the game’s story. The developers promise it to be deep and engaging and have you face decision of personal destruction in the name of exaltation.

Third Omen Demon Statue


The creators of Third Omen aim for a dark surrealistic atmosphere, which I find pleasantly reminiscent of Dark Souls. To add to that, the enemy models that are presented on the kickstarted all have a eerie distorted look to them. These aspects  of the game will certainly contribute to the horror aesthetic it is aiming for.

Third Omen Demon Boss GIF


From what we know, the game will have a timing based combat system where you are rewarded for good precision and knowing when to land your hits. Third Omen will also feature RPG elements such as acquiring new powers and abilities as you progress.

Third Omen Statues

If you are interested in supporting the developers you can visit the kickstarter page here.



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