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Cube Mission: A Relaxing Puzzle Game

I like action and excitement just as much as the next guy, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something more relaxing. Something like Cube Mission, a game developed by Tuwi Michael Nannings and recently released on Steam. It’s an isometric puzzle game where you control a cube and have to traverse obstacles in order to reach the end of the level. This simple idea is very well executed, but there is more to the game so let’s take a look.

Cube Mission Lasers

About the Game

You control a cube, which means there are only four ways to go, up, down, left and right. Your goal is to reach a glowing space located on each level. Fairly simple, but you have to go through a variety of obstacles and traps in order to reach your goal. These include flamethrowers, spikes, laser barriers, evil spike covered cubes that chase you and others. To work past these obstacles you need to use different objects. Such as boxes that you put in front of the lasers in order to block them, cranes and elevators to transport you through gaps and high places and so on. There are also green cubes that once you touch will start to follow you, always staying within one block range. You have to make them stand on spaces with green colored orbs in order to remove wall that block your path. There are quite a few different mechanics in Cube Mission, but all of them are quick and easy to understand.

Cube Mission Flamethrowers

As you progress through the game the levels will become more challenging. The puzzles vary in difficulty, but they never feel too hard or unfair. Some of the earlier levels might seem too easy, but that’s because they mainly serve the purpose of explaining how some traps and mechanics work. I’d even say that they are kinda like a tutorial stage. One other thing that must be mentioned is the aesthetic of Cube Mission. Despite being very simplistic, it looks really good. The visuals perfectly fit the tone of the game and the music adds even more to the calming feeling you get. Even after I die due to pushing the WRONG ARROW KEY I still feel calm.

Cube Mission Cranes


Cube Mission is a fun little puzzle game which you can easily grab and enjoy. With its 36 levels it can provide around 2 hours of gameplay depending on how good you are at it. That might not sound like much, but considering that it’s only for 1,59€ on Steam why not give it a go. Its length is its only problem, everything else, design, gameplay, visuals, music, they are all great. If  you are interested be sure to check it out here.

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