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Crisis VRigade Game Review

What is virtual reality if it doesn’t offer fast-paced, purely fun action? This is exactly what Crisis VRigade lets you experience, together with arcade graphics and Time Crisis inspired mechanics.

Crisis VRigade is a virtual reality action FPS that lets you take the role of a SWAT trooper. As one, you get to deal with terrorists, bank robberies and tricky hostage situations.


You are put right in the middle of action with your SWAT team and you have one mission – clear out the terrorists, stop the robbery and save the hostages. You have to protect your squad as you are progressing through the bank. Terrorists have demands that put every hostage’s life in danger if they are not met. You graduated first in the academy and now it is time to prove it.

CrisisVRigade screenshot 1


Crisis VRigade is an action packed duck and cover shooter game with simplistic controls. The grip buttons reload your guns and the triggers shoot. The gameplay and graphics are very arcade like. And at moments it gets very intense. If you wanted to go all out on the terrorists and empty your pistols’ magazines, you wouldn’t get far in the game. Instead, you are better off playing it smart, taking cover and waiting for the perfect moment to shoot a terrorist’s head off.

The game is not free roaming, so it teleports you to the next area once you clear up the current one.

I think we find some inspiration in our movie culture, mainly 90’s movies like Swayze/Reeves’s “Point Break”, “Heat” or something more actual like “The Dark Knight”, and clearly the game mechanics from Time Crisis.” said one of the developers from Sumalab for the inspiration behind the game.

It also lets you shoot power ups that give you a better gun with limited ammo. Overall, providing for a ton of fun in VR.

CrisisVRigade screenshot 2


The game is currently in Early Access, meaning that it is not the finished version and is awaiting improvements. The best part is the price. Its goes for 4.99€ on Steam which is an amazing value for the amount of fun it offers. And it is very often discounted. If you are looking for an easy-going yet intense arcade shooter for virtual reality, I definitely recommend Crisis VRigade.

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