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Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is the first of the six part series by the author Sean Bester. This title is from the first trilogy and it is funded on Kickstarter where you can go and help out the developer. The whole first trilogy is written, so depending on how well the first visual novel performs, there will be sequels to it. It is also planned to have a second trilogy written so that the story is finished.



The visual novel revolves around the childhood and adulthood of the Italian crime family – the Gallo. It follows six main characters in their childhood and how they get introduced to the world of the Mafia through their parents. It all begins when the head of the family – the matriarch dies. Everything goes out of control when her oldest sons are put on the defensive and former partners threaten to take over their businesses. Walk in the shoes of the Gallo children as they witness murder, kidnappings and all of the cruelty their family is capable of.

Crime Opera IFGN Screenshot 1


The first visual novel contains 24 full chapters for more than 64 thousand words. You have the option to play straight through – as a kinetic novel with visuals. This means that you won’t have to make any choices. Or you can enable choices and come to different situations which will lead to various endings as well. At the end these endings will reveal a much bigger picture.

Characters and Visuals

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect has a wide variety of differently aged characters. From small children to teens, to adults. Each one with their own complex personality and uniqueness that grows and develops with the events of the story. Each character is influenced by the surrounding them events which results in great character growth.

Crime Opera IFGN Screenshot 4

The visual backgrounds are stunning, with bright colors and contemporary art style, which is personally my favorite style. They give you the feeling of what it would be like to live in a rich Italian family’s mansion. The characters are also well-drawn, with a lot of expression and passion in their faces.


Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is currently being funded on Kickstarter and if you enjoyed what you read about the game in this article, then you should visit their Kickstarter page as well. There they have all the necessary information, visuals of the characters, more screenshots and information about the development of the game.

Crime Opera IFGN Screenshot 3


I think Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is a contemporary visual novel with a lot of potential. The story is catchy, the characters are twisted and interesting and the different endings are going to keep you wondering what choice you made right (or wrong). If you want to see this visual novel come to live, feel free to back it up on Kickstarter.

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