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Courage for a Kiss, a Romantic Visual Novel

Being a boy in high school is a weird experience with many memorable moments. However I doubt that many high school boys have had the things that happen to Ryan, the main character of this romantic visual novel, happen to them. New friends, the stress of trying to win a writing and acting contest and young love are a few of the things that you will face in Courage for a kiss.


Meet the cast of the stage play

Ryan is a young man in his penultimate year of high school and so far everything has been relatively uneventful. That is until his shy classmate, Evelyn hears about a writing and acting contest and decides that she wants to take part in it.  The two of them decide to prepare an original stage play. They host a casting and that’s where they meet the rest of the main cast. Stella is a cheerful blond girl with green eyes. Amelia is a clumsy brunette with short hair and blue eyes. And Jennifer is the cutest. Okay, well she is also asocial girl with dark black hair and brown eyes.


Main features

Mikołaj Spychał, the creator of the game has experience with making visual novels since he already has two of them behind his back. NEKOKORO and Jake’s Love Story.

Courage for a Kiss is planned to be available in English and Polish. The creator has also stated that he goes through all the feedback that he gets and tries to implement the thing that people most seem to want into the game.

  • Choices that visibly affect your relationship with the girls and the play
  • Four girls, each with a different look, personality and backstory
  • Partially animated characters, backgrounds, screens and weather effects
  • Chill music to calm you down and relax you
  • At least 2-5 hours of content!
  • And most importantly. Cute girls doing cute things in cute ways!

What more can you realistically look for in a romantic visual novel?



Courage for a Kiss looks to be a promising new title that will deserve a place in any visual novel fan’s library. It is still in development and anything is subject to change. Some new things can be added, some old things may be removed. Who knows? One other important thing to note is that the game may not be suitable for younger audiences, due to some suggestive scenes, dialogue and sound effects. So if you are in the mood for a romantic visual novel with some saucy scenes and an interesting story, then Courage for a Kiss may be what you are looking for.

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