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Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Gather weapons and warriors from the community’s imagination in the first strategy card game designed by its players. Create any card you can imagine, and The Collective decides what will show up on the battlefield. Test your skills (not your wallet) in the game that is never beaten, never solved.

About the game

Almost all of us have heard or even played the famous card game Hearthstone by Blizzard. Well, a game similar to it is about to hit the store soon. However, it takes a somewhat different approach to things. Collective: the Community Created Card Game is a strategy game has been in Early Access for a while now. This allowed the community to give incredibly valuable feedback during the development of it. Early Access has already been helpful for the developers and they always consult with players when they design a new feature. This is a game that is built by the players and chosen by the community. If you have ever dreamt of making a game by your personal liking, Odious Studios are now giving you that chance. It’s a Community Created Card Game after all. New cards are all made by the community and voted on via the subreddit. Additionally, players talk in a Discord server about balance, meta, and new features. If that interests you and you want to be a part of this journey sign up for the closed Alpha test to be among the first to play and create cards in Collective.

Collective: the Community Created Card Game


Collective: the Community Created Card Game is the first competitive strategy card game where players have direct control over the effect and appearance of all the cards in the game. The players can create any card they can imagine using the Card Editor. If they approve of it, all that’s left to do is post it to Subreddit. From there on, the community decides if your card is worthy of entering the game. Each week the top 10 posts are added to the game permanently, for everyone to play with. In my opinion this is the most fun part. You get to create a  card from scratch. Make a card, paint it, think of a unique name and then you give it characteristics. Create everything your imagination can think of.

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

  • There are no packs, no loot-boxes. Collective: the Community Created Card Game is a free-to-play game. Be a hero that builds his own deck around a unique character and you will reap one of a kind benefits throughout each game.

  • The Card Editor is usable in your browser as well as your game client. Inspired by games like Dota, heroes gain experience throughout each match and grant a powerful effect each time they level up.

  • You can also put your friends to the test by trying their skills as this is a multiplayer. Story and Campaign modes are all playable right now, just pick one.

  • Draft In Game Every time your hero levels up, you choose a new card. Yours to keep, and play immediately.


  • Card Blueprints – once you unlock a card blueprint you have access to unlimited copies of the card forever. No more fretting over which cards to dust.

  • Simultaneous Turns Out lets the player think and out-plan their opponent on the way to victory, and players spend less time waiting around!

Collective: the Community Created Card Game


All in all I think this game has potential and there are many promising things in it. As a game that involves a lot of feedback from players it will be interesting and fun to play for many. You can play it with friends and challenge them to see who is the real card master. You should definitely give this game a try. Or even be a part of the process and create cards of your own that will enter the game and stay forever.

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