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Cheap Thrills and Expensive Cars in VR Racing

Do you have those days where you just want to hit the road? A full tank of gas, you and the road. To me it sounds like a dream come true. Sadly I have to go to work pretty much every day. Between that and maintaining a social life I barely have time to even play games. Outside of work that is. I’m sure that many of you are like this as well. A nine to five job, maybe university, maybe school, maybe a family. Well if you do have at least a little time to spare for video games, you may want to go for an immersive VR driving experience like VR Racing by Pure Gamez.


You got Cars?

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. Are there cars in this game? Well I would hope so. It is a driving game after all. Turns out there are six cars in the game so far and they are all modeled after real world modern cars. You get to pick out of a roster of a Bugatti Chiron, a sixth generation Ford Mustang, a Nissan GTR (R35) Nismo, a Corvette Z06 C7, a second generation Audi R8 and a BMW i8. Now there are a bunch of cars that I would love to take out on the road.

The world

VR Racing puts you in an open world that you are free to roam, either alone or online with people. Find your friends, have some fun races with them and go for a ride on the mountain roads. If you feel like having actual races, you can just press a button and the game will start looking for an online race for you. VR Racing keeps track of your matches and wins, so you can finally show your friends that you are a better driver than them. You can also go on practice runs against AI to hone your skills.


The controls

The entire game is motion controlled. Pick a car, hop on the road and enjoy your view from the cockpit. Use your left hand to rotate the steering wheel and you right hand for  changing gears and handbrake. You also have a menu that pops up when you press a button on your left hand, like a futuristic hologram watch.


VR Racing is still in Steam Early Access, so it might take a while to get the polish it needs, but it is still a fun game. Keep in mind that this is the studio’s first project and it’s an ambitious one at that. Check them out on Steam and don’t forget that you need a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift to play it.

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