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Caverns: Lost Sky – A Voxel Art RPG Game

Caverns: Lost Sky is a single player action-adventure role-playing game that adopts a fully destructible voxel environment. Developed by the small team Tetravoxel Limited – an army of two, the game is coming out on Steam on January 31st. Their goal is to develop innovative games that push the limits of traditional game design. They believe in the interaction between the player and the developer in order to make the best game possible. They are just coming out of Early Access and if you want to know more about the game, then keep reading.

Caverns: Lost Sky IFGN Voxel Art Game

Story and Gameplay

Caverns: Lost Sky is set in a fully destructible, voxelized subterranean realm. The RPG puts you in the shoes of Strato who goes through a rough journey through the voxel world of the Tellurian Sector to find the lost sky. You get to explore underground caves, caverns and winding tunnels and labyrinths while in the search for the truth about your world. You will meet big groups of enemies who have a real-time combat system implemented, where weapons have their own personality. As you go along the journey, you find rare treasures that allow you to level up and make your challenge easier. You also get to follow legendary recipes and be guided by your ancestors along the way.


Main Features

With the game being in Early Access it has the following features:

  • Exploration through endless caverns and unique geographical landmarks
  • Combat against hordes of enemies, each with a unique fighting tactic
  • Loot for buried treasure and more than 80 equipable items
  • A wide selection of tools
  • Mining ores or harvesting plants
  • Crafting over 100 unlockable recipes with different effects.

Caverns: Lost Sky IFGN Voxel Art Game 1

However, with the full release, the developers have planned many new features that will improve and enrich the gameplay of Caverns: Lost Sky like:

  • Dungeons with changeable layout everytime you visit them
  • Quests – main quests and side quests
  • Towns – Population centres of NPCs per sector that you can interact and trade with
  • Skill Upgrades and powering up
  • Cutscenes that follow the story as you progress through the main quests.

The most interesting feature about Caverns: Lost Sky is that it runs on the indie studio’s custom-build engine – Numinous Engine. Its main capabilities include:

  • Tetravoxelization – Produces voxelized angled terrain that is easy to walk or run on.
  • Membronic Linkaging is the ability to create endless, organic-looking tunnels and caverns.
  • Voxel Script – A custom scripting language that easily defines enemy AI’s behavior and many more

Caverns: Lost Sky IFGN Voxel Art Game 2


Caverns: Lost Sky is an RPG game that aims to implement the voxel art style into gaming and seems to be doing a good job at it. The game is fun and the developers have worked hard on making it as rich and interesting as possible. If you like the game and want to try it, it is doing its full release on Steam as I am writing this and you will be able to grab it and enjoy in no time!

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