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Cheap Thrills and Expensive Cars in VR Racing

Do you have those days where you just want to hit the road? A full tank of gas, you and the road. To me it sounds like a dream come true. Sadly I have to go to work pretty much every day. Between that and maintaining a social life I barely have time to even play games. Outside of...

How can you not love Differently Fast?

A game about people in wheelchairs and silly outfits, racing on full race tracks. Who would think to make a game like that? Well VRUG did and I’m so glad they did. Every once in a while, a game that is like no other pops out of the woodwork. And every single time that happens I get very excited....

A Look at DownStream: VR Whitewater Kayaking

Downstream VR Feature Image
Do you know what sounds fun? Whitewater rafting. Can you just imagine the thrill of going down a river at incredible speed while water splashes against you. Though there is also the not so fun possibility of dying, which might deter some. But for those people there is DownStream: VR Whitewater Kayaking which features all the fun of the...

POLYBIUS Review: A Legend Comes To Life

Legend says that in 1981 a game under the name POLYBIUS was introduced to arcades on the outskirts of Portland. The game was an assault on the senses with bright flashing colors and loud sound effects. People who played this game had seizures, fits of amnesia, night terrors. Despite all of that they would not stop playing the game....

Ludicrous Speed Review: Can I go faster?

Ludicrous Speed logo
If you tell someone that you went out for a jog and as the buildings around you were pulsing to the beat of the music and the sky changed colors and you had to avoid circular saws, spiky pillars and lasers. All the while picking up rings and trying not to lose any of your hearts, people might think...

VR Regatta Review: Ahoy Landsman!

VR Regatta withlogo
Sailing. A boring concept to most gamers but VR Regatta offers and experience that you can’t get from any FPS or MMORPG. To you a “boom” may be what you hear when you shoot a red oil drum. Well for your information it can also mean “a long pole that moves and that has a sail fastened to it”....

A look at PsyTrek

PsyTrek is a game that’s being developed by Stephen Walker and his studio named Axon Genesis. The studio also works on digital arts, and music which you can find on their website. About The developers call PsyTrek an “antigravity racing game” and say that it is being developed to be playable on PC and VR with its initial release planned to...

Distance VR Racing Game Review: Neon Arcade Survival Racer

distance game header
Distance is a gorgeous, addicting and adrenaline-filling racing game that throws you into a futuristic neon-drenched city in which you have to ride to survive. The game was released back in 2014 but still remains one of the greatest immersive racers for virtual reality to this day. Developed by Refract Studios, it has received a very positive feedback from the...

Sprint Vector Review: A Race For The Ages

Sprint Vector logo and charactersvideo
Remember the feeling you got the first time you saw or played Jet Grind Radio? The art style, music and gameplay clashing together into an amazingly stylish game that makes you want to live in its world. Well that’s what Sprint Vector will make you feel. Art Style Let’s start by talking about the art style because it’s the first thing that...

Race The Sun VR Review: High Speeds and Simple Design

Race The Sun logo
A simple racing game to get your adrenaline pumping. High speeds, a simple design and cool music makes this a fun and addicting experience in VR. Race The Sun is a game that was released back in 2013 and recently got a update that allows you to experience it in VR. It is developed and published by Flippfly LLC. Since...
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