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Top 5 Best VR Horror Games

Best VR Horror Games
We all enjoy the thrill of getting scared from time to time. This is why horror movies, games and books are so popular, but they can’t provide the level of immersiveness virtual reality can. Actually feeling like you’re there in the story and environment can potentially be more terrifying than any other medium. So why don’t we check out...

Contagion VR: Outbreak

Contagion VR: Outbreak zombie outside
Another one for the zombie fans. In Contagion VR: Outbreak you take the role of one of multiple characters and experience the stories of how they dealt with the apocalypse.About It's a mostly standard setting for the zombie genre. A chemical accident has unleashed a deadly zombie virus, now you have to survive the horrors awaiting you. There’s a...

The Brookhaven Experiment: Atmospheric Horror Game

The Brookhaven Experiment logo
Do you like dark eerie atmosphere, creepy environments and varied monsters. Boy, is this the game for you. The Brookhaven Experiment is a Virtual Reality survival shooter where you have to defend yourself from wave after wave of other-dimensional creatures that have almost destroyed humanity. If you’re good at surviving you might live long enough to find what caused...

Stifled PSVR Horror Game Now Available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

The sound-based horror game Stifled launched in 2017 exclusively for PlayStation VR. The Singaporean studio Gattai Games finally brought their debut product (July 10th) to Steam that will be available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It will also be for sale on the Oculus Store, Humble and Itch.io. A headset is not required to play, as the game is...

Zombie Grenades Practice Review: Explosions Galore

Zombie Grenades Practice screenshot
This charming little VR game puts a twist on the old shooting range style of game by arming you with grenades instead of guns and putting you against zombies instead of regular targets.Grenades? We have plenty of those. In this game you go from stage to stage throwing grenades at zombies in the hope of blowing them up to pieces....

Arizona Sunshine Review: Sunshine, Fresh Air and Zombie Guts

Arizona Sunshine screenshot and logo
This game puts you in the shoes of a smart mouth, kickass gunslinger who spends his days walking from place to place, trying to find other survivors of the zombie apocalypse and blowing zombies heads off along the way. Developed by Jaywalkers Interactive and Vertigo Games and published by Vertigo Games.Gameplay and mechanics The gameplay of Arizona Sunshine consists of...

Face Your Fears VR Review: What scares you?

Face Your Fears Poster
Does experiencing your deepest fears in horrifying virtual reality sound like a good time to you? If so, you should definitely try out Face Your Fears from the developers at Turtle Rock Studios.Fear of heights: Face Your Fears starts by giving you a choice of two doors. Each of them leads you to the ideal setting in which to tackle...
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