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The Path of Greatest Resistance: VR Space Shooter

Out of all the ways humanity could meet its end it seems the zombie apocalypse and machine apocalypse are the most common ones when it comes to entertainment media. Maybe it’s because there’s not that much fun to be had with “flaming rock falls, everybody dies”. The Path of Greatest Resistance humanity has been brought […]

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Stay Silent: Western VR Stealth Game

Do you remember that movie with the ridiculous concept Cowboys & Aliens? It seems that NetEase Games found it to be a source of inspiration and thus we have Stay Silent. Though, unlike the move this is more concentrated on stealth than action. Best to talk about it a bit more in depth for you […]

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Smashing The Battle VR: Unique Among Anime VR Games

Hey, are you a fan of anime VR games? Here’s a fairly unique one, a VR game that’s not first person. Smashing The Battle VR is an action brawler beat em up where you control a anime girl with over the top weapons and armor. This is a pretty accurate summary of what the game […]