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Spread Light in This Soothing VR Game: Fujii

Action and violence is fun and all, but sometimes you want to play a calm game, one that makes you look at the environment and its creatures and go “Woah, I could meditate here”, instead of “How much HP does it have”. Fujii is one such game. It’s been developed by Funktronic Labs, a studio […]

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Bloody VR Madness in Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy

Have you guys ever played Feeding Frenzy. It’s an old, but cool 2D game where you controlled a fish and tried to eat other fish while avoiding ones that could eat you. Now imagine something similar, but it’s first person VR, multiplayer, and takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. What you get is Zombie Deathrace […]

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Rocketboarder: Flying, Lasers & Robots

Are you a fan of the Green Goblin? Do you wish you had his awesome flying machine? Well, now you can thanks to Rocketboarder. It will allow you to recreate the feeling of flying on a rocket powered hoverboard in space. Not only that but you are the hero and not the villain, so more […]