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An Exclusive Interview With The Studio Behind InfinityVR

InfinityVR is a VR magic shooting and MOBA game made to work with HTC Vive. In it you pick a character out of a roster of eight unique characters. Then you enter a game either versus bots or versus other players. Use magic to shoot your opponents and mobs and deflect your enemies spells to […]

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Nostos – Open World VR Anime Game

Nostos is an online, anime multiplayer RPG game for VR. You will find yourself In a world full of different communities that craft, build and explore the vast world. The most interesting part about Nostos is the constantly changing meteorological system. It will almost always catch you off guard. Nostos is a virtual world full […]

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An Impossible Survival Game The Last Player: VR Battle Royale

One battlefield, one survivor and many enemies. Enjoy the highly immersive and thrilling VR gaming experience of this VR survival game. Land on a field with other competitors, find weapons and arm yourself or look for cover and hide. Use your resources and time wisely and make it until the end.   About the game […]