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Stay Silent: Western VR Stealth Game

Do you remember that movie with the ridiculous concept Cowboys & Aliens? It seems that NetEase Games found it to be a source of inspiration and thus we have Stay Silent. Though, unlike the move this is more concentrated on stealth than action. Best to talk about it a bit more in depth for you […]

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Amazing VR Sword Fighting: Swords of Gargantua

A lot of VR games feature sword combat, but few actually aim to make it really good and realistic. This is not the case with Swords of Gargantua though.  The game was obviously built around the sword combat, and it’s its main focus. It’s been developed by Yomuneco and published by Gumi Inc, who you […]

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Have you ever been at the store, and you just got your change and they start taking the order of the person behind you before you had the chance to put the change in your wallet? Now imagine trying to talk another person through the very specific places in your wallet where you want them […]

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An Exclusive Interview With The Studio Behind InfinityVR

InfinityVR is a VR magic shooting and MOBA game made to work with HTC Vive. In it you pick a character out of a roster of eight unique characters. Then you enter a game either versus bots or versus other players. Use magic to shoot your opponents and mobs and deflect your enemies spells to […]

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Nostos – Open World VR Anime Game

Nostos is an online, anime multiplayer RPG game for VR. You will find yourself In a world full of different communities that craft, build and explore the vast world. The most interesting part about Nostos is the constantly changing meteorological system. It will almost always catch you off guard. Nostos is a virtual world full […]