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Top 5 Steam Multiplayer VR Games 2018

Battlesky VR Logo
One of the best aspects of gaming is that you can share your experience with friends and other players. That statement is true for virtual reality games as well. As the number of people who own a VR headset grows, so does the demand for multiplayer games. Here is a list of some recent titles that you might take...

Upcoming Rhythm Game: Beat the Rhythm VR

Beat The Rhythm VR title
Beat the Rhythm VR is an upcoming rhythm game. It is being developed by narayana games UG, the same people that made Holodance. Beat the Rhythm could be called its spiritual successor while at the same time, it’s also going back to its very roots.   Choose Your Way to Play One of Beat the Rhythm VR’s most interesting features is its...

Garden of the Sea: VR Gardening from the people behind Budget Cuts

Garden of the Sea logo
I’ve never been one for gardens. Whether it’s because of my allergies or because I’m too lazy to have to care for plants, I just never felt the urge to plant something. But when it comes to video games, that’s a different story. When Stardew Valley came out, I got lost in that world for weeks. So clearly there...

Enhance Your Cooking Skills In The Cooking Game VR

The Cooking Gamevideo
And here we have another cooking game where we apply our everyday cooking skills to the test. The Cooking Game VR is still in Early Access because of the need for more feedback. In this VR game you are a fast food chef and you have the responsibility to feed hungry customers with burgers, hot dogs and fries. At...

Top VR Shooter Games for 2018

Farpoint Gameplay Screenshot
Virtual Reality gaming is all we ever wanted and it is finally possible. The always improving technology and creativity of developers all over the world allows us to experience amazing new worlds. 2018 makes a huge leap for VR in all genres especially one of the most beloved one - First Person Shooters. So take a look at what we...

Stranded in These Lands in Full VR

island mysterious stone heads
Lots of games have you stranded on an island, trying to survive or find a way back to civilization. These Lands leaves you marooned on a mysterious island full of secrets, things to find and puzzles to solve. Find messages left behind by the explorer who was on the island before you and went down the rabbit hole of...

Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Kung Fu Master? – VR Kung Fu Simulator Kungfucious

Kungfucious IFGN Featured Image
Today we are going to preview a new and upcoming indie title by the already familiar to IFGN studio - Gattai Games. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out my article for another great game of theirs - Stifled. This time, they are taking a different turn from the horror genre and echolocation to dive...

Stay Silent: Western VR Stealth Game

Stay Silent VR Stealth Game
Do you remember that movie with the ridiculous concept Cowboys & Aliens? It seems that NetEase Games found it to be a source of inspiration and thus we have Stay Silent. Though, unlike the move this is more concentrated on stealth than action. Best to talk about it a bit more in depth for you to get a good...

What if I told you that you can play golf on a pool table? Golf Pool VR

Golf Pool VR IFGN Featured Image
Have you ever wanted to have your own man cave? To have a big TV screen with a lovely surround sound system, a pool table, table football. What about golf? Yeah it seems impossible to fit in a golf course in a man cave. Not if you have a virtual reality headset! With Golf Pool VR you can have...

Blind – VR Game Review

Blind VR screenshot 3
People become nostalgic when it comes to puzzle games. They are not what they used to be like back in the days. Today’s games aim mostly for great graphics and special effects. The puzzles seem unfinished and too simplistic, which leaves you with zero satisfaction after you complete one. Especially in virtual reality where the developers emphasize on the...
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