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TAG WAR: Everything Has a Price in This VR Multiplayer Game

TAG WAR is a game about scanning barcodes. Wait, don’t leave, I swear it’s more interesting than it sounds. It's actually a shooter where buying things and spending money equals victory. Wait, now it started to sound like it’s a pay to win game from a triple A publisher. Don’t worry It’s nothing like that, here you can buy...

Exciting Action Adventure: Breach Point

Breach Point Logo
I’ll be honest, I’m a big Indiana Jones fan. I don’t know if it’s because of the interesting foreign settings, the early years during which it takes place, the eerie trap filled tombs, the slight mystical touch or just the adventures as a whole. This naturally results in me being attracted to games with a similar premise. One such...

Why I can’t stop playing Gadgeteer

Few things in life are as satisfying as watching an intricate Rube Goldberg machine do it’s thing. There’s just something about watching all the little pieces interacting with each other and all of them doing their part in the contraption. And as it turns out, it’s just as satisfying in virtual reality in Gadgeteer. The Studio Metanaut, one of the first...

VR Adventure Game: Eye of the Temple

Eye of the Temple Feature Image
Let’s be honest, the Indiana Jones movies made archeology seem much more fun than it actually is. There might be a slim chance of you finding some relics from an ancient civilization, but there won’t be any booby trap filled temples or intricate puzzles in your way. While that does make the job more appealing it also means it’s...

How to have vacations every day, after work: Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator logo and robot
Do you sometimes feel like your nine to five job is more like a one AM to one PM then to one AM again? Vacation Simulator has got you covered. The year is 2060. The robots behind Job Simulator have made a rough approximation of “not jobbing”. They already know what humans are capable of in terms of working,...

Grab a friend and a VR headset and try out Panoptic

Panoptic title person mask silhouette
Have you ever had to hide in plain sight in a video game? Become one with a crowd and just vanish, like in assassins creed. That can work well enough when you are hiding from other people, but imagine that you are trying not to be seen by a giant all seeing face in the sky. And that face...

The best VR spy game: I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die logo
Everyone has dreamed of being a top secret agent, like the next James Bond. A suave demeanor, a cool car and fancy, almost sci-fi like, gadgets and all the undivided attention of everybody in the room. Putting your life on the line for every mission but always coming out unscathed. Sadly they don’t hand out secret agent jobs at...

Top 5 Steam Multiplayer VR Games 2018

Battlesky VR Logo
One of the best aspects of gaming is that you can share your experience with friends and other players. That statement is true for virtual reality games as well. As the number of people who own a VR headset grows, so does the demand for multiplayer games. Here is a list of some recent titles that you might take...

Pixel Ripped 1989 Review: Nostalgia out the wazoo

As gamers we cherish childhood memories of spending hours on end in front of a screen. All those countless hours spent clutching a controller and playing video games instead of doing homework or, you know, socialising. All those “wasted” years. And if we had the power to change it, every one of us would do it all over again....

Addictive Puzzle Game: Rainbow Reactor

Rainbow Reactor Logo
I recently covered Оh My Ballz, a VR puzzle game about arranging colorful balls, and now I’ve stumbled on another one. This one is called Rainbow Reactor and while sharing a similar concept, it’s very different, as it’s not based on Zuma. So why not see what it’s all about. Setting It’s the future. Humanity has achieved paradise thanks to rainbow...
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