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Ochiba – A Slice of Life Anime Visual Novel

Ochiba Slice of Life Visual Novel IFGN
I am glad to present to you a new Slice of Life Visual Novel that just launched its Kickstarter campaign. Ochiba - Falling Leaves is one of those visual novel games that is going to bring out emotions and feelings from inside of you that you never even thought you would feel. Inspired by Clannad and Katawa Shoujo and...

Wicked Willow – Good or Bad Witch Visual Novel

Wicked Willow is a visual novel set in the 1993 that will turn your moral compass upside down. Will you learn the ways of a witch from someone you can't trust? Would you turn trees into monsters to save a forest from clearcutters? How far would you go to fight for a love that society calls wicked?  About the visual...

Cannibal Lottery: Feeling lucky?

Cannibal Lottery IFGN
Cannibal Lottery is a horror visual novel that is going to give you the role of God and make you decide who gets to be eaten today! By making different choices in the game that is. According to the author of the novel and the leader of the small indie studio, Yamila Abraham, the inspiration behind Cannibal Lottery is...

Pixel Happy Game Girls – An Indie Game about an Indie Game

Pixel Happy Game Girls IFGN
We at IFGN like to explore the depths of independent game development and the brilliant minds of all the indie studios out there. Today’s point of interest is the small team behind the lead of Joseph Ravan. He has been developing visual novels for over 3 years and with all of that experience, he wants to give his everything...

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect

Crime Opera IFGN Screenshot
Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is the first of the six part series by the author Sean Bester. This title is from the first trilogy and it is funded on Kickstarter where you can go and help out the developer. The whole first trilogy is written, so depending on how well the first visual novel performs, there will be...

Zeliria Sanctuary – Anime Visual Novel

Zeliria Sanctuary
Take on the role of  Maxx, and immerse yourself into the mysterious world of Zeliria Sanctuary. You will have many adventures and encounter very interesting characters. By your side will be your companion that’s a Salangan named Humkey.  About the game Follow the dynamic and exciting story of Maxx, as he goes to a different planet called Zeliria Sanctuary. Luckily on...

Awakening of Celestial a Fantasy Visual Novel

Awakening of Celestial is a magical fantasy visual novel filled with exciting adventures, epic moments, complex characters, and many more! Developed by Celestial Project and it will be available for PC.  Story Star-link is a high school idol group. Soon they will leave their ordinary school life and attend a performance that they will never forget. The most special night for...

Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle of Death a Murder Mystery

Bloody Chronicles
Igrasil Studio has introduced to Steam their upcoming murder-mystery visual novel called Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle of Death on the 13th of December this 2018. The visual novel is a mix between intriguing murder mysteries and social slice-of-life stories. Igrasil Studios have made sure to bring to you a unique visual novel experience!  Story A serial killer is on the loose...

Experience Fear in The Letter – Horror Visual Novel

When seven people fall prey to a vicious curse, they will discover that horror rests not from the shadows lurking about, but within themselves. To what ends would you go in order to survive?About the game The Letter is an interactive, horror/drama visual novel inspired by classic Asian horror films, Ju-ON: The Grudge and The Ring. Told through an immersive...
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