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A Visual Novel For All Deck-Building Lovers

Dark Miasma is a time management game with visual novel storytelling and a deck-building twist. You only have a limited amount of time before the town of Galeport is overrun by demons, and it’s up to you to decide how to best spend your time in order to become as powerful as possible, while earning […]

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Super Web Kittens: The Visual Novel for Cat Lovers

I have to put something out there before I start this article. I am a grown man! Well… A grown manchild. But I love, cute little animals. Cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards, hedgehogs, ferrets, you name it. So imagine my surprise when I was scrolling in the upcoming section of Steam and I saw Super Web […]

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This Visual Novel Might Leave You Confused

Welcome to the preview of LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!, a visual novel that at first sight seems like a regular anime romance visual novel. But it feels like a very deep and intriguing twist is hiding behind it. Or that is the feel I got from reading all of the information the developers have given […]