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Odin’s Call: One of the Best RTS Games

Odin’s Call is a PC / Mobile game that seeks to go back to classic RTS roots combining elements similar to Populous. Using a simplified polygon style allowing for generating large, random maps for players to explore and conquer. You create the world and decide the fate of all. About the game The way the […]


Xenon Racer: Futuristic Racing Game

Here’s a game that fans of the racing genre might be interested in. Xenon Racer is set in the future where you take control of cars powered by electricity and a new form of fuel called Xenon gas. The game will not be a realistic entry in the genre, instead, it is going for a […]

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Little Legend a 2D Open World Game

Pimpim is a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world. Craft your own magic abilities, explore a huge captivating world and discover the secret behind the rebuilding of the universe.   Story As you take on the role of Pimpim – a teenager living on an isolated island with her […]