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Bloody VR Madness in Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy

Have you guys ever played Feeding Frenzy. It’s an old, but cool 2D game where you controlled a fish and tried to eat other fish while avoiding ones that could eat you. Now imagine something similar, but it’s first person VR, multiplayer, and takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. What you get is Zombie Deathrace […]

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Ubisoft’s VR Arcade Shooter: Space Junkies

Space Junkies is the new and fully VR arcade shooter from Ubisoft. Fly around with a jetpack in deadly Orbital Arenas and and face your opponents in extreme battles. This project sure does sound action packed, but it is nothing that we haven’t heard of before. So let’s see if Space Junkies is the arcade […]


Vertigo – a Flying Simulator VR Game

Humanity’s biggest dream and goal has always been to fly. And if you ask a person if they could have one super power, most people would answer flying. Or I would, at least. Thanks to modern day technology, we managed to achieve some of those goals by inventing planes. But for the rest of us […]