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The best VR spy game: I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die logo
Everyone has dreamed of being a top secret agent, like the next James Bond. A suave demeanor, a cool car and fancy, almost sci-fi like, gadgets and all the undivided attention of everybody in the room. Putting your life on the line for every mission but always coming out unscathed. Sadly they don’t hand out secret agent jobs at...

Sprint Vector Review: A Race For The Ages

Sprint Vector logo and charactersvideo
Remember the feeling you got the first time you saw or played Jet Grind Radio? The art style, music and gameplay clashing together into an amazingly stylish game that makes you want to live in its world. Well that’s what Sprint Vector will make you feel. Art Style Let’s start by talking about the art style because it’s the first thing that...

Immerse Yourself in the Deserted World of Tokyo Chronos – A VR Anime Visual Novel

Tokyo Chronos
Tokyo Chronos is the latest project of the Japanese video game studio MyDearest. This devoted team has taken up the task of finding the full immersion of storytelling in VR. The story of Tokyo Chronos is told via a mix of gorgeous visual animation and a new comic book style UI, taking its inspiration from both animation and the...

Best VR Games Of 2018 on Steam

Beat Saber Best VR Games
VR games have been picking up steam (pun intended) in the most recent years. As the headsets are becoming more widely available more developers start making games designed for Virtual Reality instead of just being ported for it. Many great titles have been released as a result, so it’s about time to check out some of the best VR...

Pixel Ripped 1989 Review: Nostalgia out the wazoo

As gamers we cherish childhood memories of spending hours on end in front of a screen. All those countless hours spent clutching a controller and playing video games instead of doing homework or, you know, socialising. All those “wasted” years. And if we had the power to change it, every one of us would do it all over again....

The Best VR Fitness Game Out There? BoxVR

BOXVR IFGN Featured Image
If you are sick and tired of going to the gym or outside in the heat for a jog but still want to put in a good work out, you can now do that while playing games! Remember how your mom used to tell you that it is so unhealthy to be sitting down all day playing video games?...

Top 5 Best VR Horror Games

Best VR Horror Games
We all enjoy the thrill of getting scared from time to time. This is why horror movies, games and books are so popular, but they can’t provide the level of immersiveness virtual reality can. Actually feeling like you’re there in the story and environment can potentially be more terrifying than any other medium. So why don’t we check out...

Why I can’t stop playing Gadgeteer

Few things in life are as satisfying as watching an intricate Rube Goldberg machine do it’s thing. There’s just something about watching all the little pieces interacting with each other and all of them doing their part in the contraption. And as it turns out, it’s just as satisfying in virtual reality in Gadgeteer. The Studio Metanaut, one of the first...

Know The Ways Of A Ninja In Sairento VR

sairento vrvideo
In Sairento VR you transform into a deadly cyber ninja. This is a mission-driven, VR action game set in a re-imagined Japan in the near future. You are a member of the Silent Ones - a righteous but covert organisation of seemingly ordinary people. You practice the long forsaken code and martial arts of the ancient ninjas. In this...

VR Regatta Review: Ahoy Landsman!

VR Regatta withlogo
Sailing. A boring concept to most gamers but VR Regatta offers and experience that you can’t get from any FPS or MMORPG. To you a “boom” may be what you hear when you shoot a red oil drum. Well for your information it can also mean “a long pole that moves and that has a sail fastened to it”....
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