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In Death: VR Archery Game

Have you noticed that most VR games aren’t really that hard. This could be said not just for VR, however, since the market is quite smaller here it’s harder to find something good and challenging compared to other platforms. That doesn’t mean such games don’t exist though. One such title is In Death, a roguelite […]

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How to have vacations every day, after work: Vacation Simulator

Do you sometimes feel like your nine to five job is more like a one AM to one PM then to one AM again? Vacation Simulator has got you covered. The year is 2060. The robots behind Job Simulator have made a rough approximation of “not jobbing”. They already know what humans are capable of […]

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The best VR spy game: I Expect You To Die

Everyone has dreamed of being a top secret agent, like the next James Bond. A suave demeanor, a cool car and fancy, almost sci-fi like, gadgets and all the undivided attention of everybody in the room. Putting your life on the line for every mission but always coming out unscathed. Sadly they don’t hand out […]

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A Horror Japanese Story That Will Keep You Up At Night

Pupil: Wandering VR is an Asian-style horror VR game. The game focuses on an immersive horror atmosphere. All key items and game hints can only be found using the “Moon Lantern”, a main feature that brings to light an extraordinary and truly terrifying experience.   About the game A hundred chills are about run down […]

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Amazing VR Sword Fighting: Swords of Gargantua

A lot of VR games feature sword combat, but few actually aim to make it really good and realistic. This is not the case with Swords of Gargantua though.  The game was obviously built around the sword combat, and it’s its main focus. It’s been developed by Yomuneco and published by Gumi Inc, who you […]