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Embrace Your Inner Magician with This Game – Clash of Spells

Clash of Spells IFGN Featured Image
If you are a weird and crazy person like me, you are probably an even weirder child who wished to fly and be a wizard and do all kinds of magical things. But then you grew up and life hit you hard and you realized that you can’t actually do that and you got depressed. Okay, maybe im exagerrating...

Garden of the Sea: VR Gardening from the people behind Budget Cuts

Garden of the Sea logo
I’ve never been one for gardens. Whether it’s because of my allergies or because I’m too lazy to have to care for plants, I just never felt the urge to plant something. But when it comes to video games, that’s a different story. When Stardew Valley came out, I got lost in that world for weeks. So clearly there...

A futuristic VR spy game: The Spy Who Shrunk Me

The Spy Who Shrunk Me logo and header
Spy movies are the best! No one is as cool and as smooth as a spy on a mission. So why not play some games where you are a spy? Well, as it turns out there are great games about just that. And some of the most interesting ones are in VR. That way you get to immerse yourself...

The best VR spy game: I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die logo
Everyone has dreamed of being a top secret agent, like the next James Bond. A suave demeanor, a cool car and fancy, almost sci-fi like, gadgets and all the undivided attention of everybody in the room. Putting your life on the line for every mission but always coming out unscathed. Sadly they don’t hand out secret agent jobs at...

Thrilling Space Tower Defence: AIRA VR

A genre I don't see that commonly in VR is tower defense. I can think of a few reasons why, mainly because it requires you to have full view of the map and micromanaging, which VR really isn't suited for. AIRA VR though has an interesting solution to that problem. It's a tower defense game that throws you in...

Flappy Flappy VR: Fun Innovation or Boring Clone

Flappy Flappy VR Logo
Do you remember Flappy Bird? That mobile game that became extremely popular for no apparent reason  despite being very simple. Of course you do, it’s edged itself in humanities collective consciousness like an annoying memory that, you might not pay any mind, but pops up from time to time. But have you wondered what it would be if it...

Fun VR Tower Defense: IgKnight Golf Defender

IgKnight Golf Defender Logo
Tell me, what do you think is the best way to defend a castle against an invading army of darkness. Reinforcing the walls? Stationing as many archers as possible? Having a huge army of your own? All of the above? Nope, the answer is golf. One strategically placed experienced golf player is all that you need, at least according...

Save the Planet from the Trash-apocalypse in Trash Rage

Trash Rage Featured Image IFGN
Welcome to the end of the world… The apocalypse of trash. An eco crisis has come to Earth and our lovely planet is now a waste dump patrolled by robots. All thanks to the Polish indie studio Giant Lazer who are the developers of Trash Rage - a fast-paced VR post apocalyptic game.   About the Game Trash Rage is an...

Will You be able to Tell Your Tale of Escape? Tales of Escape Preview

If you are not living under a rock, you probably have heard of the “escape room” also known as the “escape game” where a group of people cooperatively try to escape a room they are locked in. They do that by finding and following clues and tracks, solving puzzles, doing various tasks and more. Well, these escape rooms were...

This VR Horror Game Will Let You Travel in Time: Proze: Enlightenment

I was never one with a strong heart when it comes to playing horror games. Especially in Virtual Reality where everything feels like it is right up in your face and can actually hurt you. That’s why I usually avoid them. But with some games I just can’t help it and I forget about all my fears and dive...
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