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Vader Immortal: Episode 1 is almost here!

Vader Immortal
I have no doubt in my mind that every one of you has at one point either pretended to fight with a real lightsaber or at least imagined doing it. I can’t be the only one. In the past there have been plenty of games that try to emulate that combat, some of them even have motion controls. But...

Should you buy the Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest
The Oculus Quest is a stand alone console for VR that lets you play all of the games that your heart desires. It is completely wireless and it doesn’t need a powerful PC to run your games. This means that it is also kind of portable. A few years ago VR seemed like space age technology and now you...

Urban Legends – The Dry Body: Approaching Release

There are a lot of great myths and stories out there in the world. Sadly, most of the obscure ones get ignored in games and media. It’s nice to see that some game developers find inspiration from the not so famous legends. Such is the case with Jefferson Souza and his new game Urban Legends - The Dry Body...

A Look At The Blind Prophet – Blood of the Apostle

The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle Feature Image
Most would agree that point and click adventure games don’t have a reputation for being dark and mature. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be though and Baptiste Miny and his team are here to prove that with their project The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle. The game will combine a strong storyline, a sense of fluiugh...

The Legend Of Vraz, A Stylized Adventure Game

The Legend Of Vraz Feature Image
The Legend Of Vraz is a 2D platformer with a style inspired by Indian Miniature paintings and legends. It’s being developed by Zatun, who started off as a small outsourcing studio and then gradually moved to creating their own projects. The game was developed over a period of 15 months and is now approaching its release, so what better...

BOSSGARD: Now You’re The Boss

Bossgard Feature Image
While not all games have, or need big boss battles they are still a common tradition in gaming. But have you ever wondered what it would be like from a boss’ perspective, crushing those little insignificant bugs that dare to face you. ​Sand Sailor Studio decided to just show you with their new upcoming game BOSSGARD. They are a...

You’ll Have a Blast With BOMBFEST

BOMBFEST Cover Image
Are you and your friends in a desperate need of party game with explosions and chaos. Well then you'll be interested in what Sudden Event Studios has to offer. BOMBFEST is a four player multiplayer game where, as the name might suggests, you throw bombs at people and the last man standing wins. The concept was first envisioned by...

Snakelike: A Weirdly Good Combination

Snakelike Cover Image
Do you like Roguelikes? Do you like Snake? Have you ever wanted to combine the two even though it sounds like the most random combination ever? If you answered yes, then I have good news. Placate The Cattin Productions has got you covered with their latest game Snakelike. If you answered no because this concept sounds like a bunch...

Trailer Park Mechanic is out on Steam Early Access

I have never been much of a mechanic. Cars are cool and going fast is exciting but I have never had the urge to take apart an engine like I have with a computer for instance. This didn’t stop Trailer Park Mechanic from catching my eye. The game is developed and published by Petrolhead Software and it just recently...

A Look at Koruldia Heritage

Koruldia Heritage cover image
If you are a fan of old school JRPG's, then I have some good news for you. Koruldia Heritage fits that description perfectly, but will also have some interesting new mechanics and ideas to offer. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising more than twice its initial goal of £10,000, so what better time to talk about it. Setting...
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