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Heralds of the Order: Become a Patronus of Balance

Heralds of the Order is a turn-based strategy game developed by the Bulgarian indie studio Archean Games. The small team is made up of a few young students with a big dream to create games. As the future responsibilities of a college graduate came closer and closer, they realized that they want to make a game before having to...

Lifeslide – a metaphor for life

Lifeslide Logo
Starting with this article, we want to shift our focus a little and spotlight some non-VR indie titles. They are games that we believe are worth your time. And the guys from the Bulgarian-based indie studio Dreamteck and their new title Lifeslide, are going to teach you how to value exactly that - time. In the arcade-flight-adventure game, you...

Karnage Chronicles Review: Eat my sword!

Karnage Chronicles header
Karnage Chronicles is in my opinion on of the best VR adventure RPG games on the market right now. If you want a fun and polished game that allows you to either engage your enemies in melee combat or to snipe them from afar, just go and get it. If you are not sold on it from the first...

Ludicrous Speed Review: Can I go faster?

Ludicrous Speed logo
If you tell someone that you went out for a jog and as the buildings around you were pulsing to the beat of the music and the sky changed colors and you had to avoid circular saws, spiky pillars and lasers. All the while picking up rings and trying not to lose any of your hearts, people might think...

Drunkn Bar Fight VR a Party Simulator Game

Drunkn Bar Fight VR is a simple, immersive, silly, rowdy party game. Take turns throwing bottles, darts, chairs, tip jars or anything else you can get your hands on at opponents. You could also toss your opponent through plate a glass window when they piss you off. Enjoy performing socially unacceptable behaviour without the obligatory visits to the hospital,...

Harry Potter Will Approve Of The SoulKeeper VR

The SoulKeeper VR is an episodic dark fantasy Virtual Reality Role Playing Game. Experience the immersive world of Gerindak, filled with lore and adventure, as you play through the intertwining stories of various characters. Start off as Isoropos, a warrior monk, member of the ancient monastic order of the Lavordians as you embark on a dangerous quest to investigate...

VROGU3 Review: The Rogue-like that may never be

VROGU3 logovideo
VROGU3 is a rogue-like VR game that looks like the start of something that could be great. It has features that many gamers would go wild for and yet we may never get a finished version. Let me show you why I am sad that this early access game from a small studio may never have a full release.What has...

VR Regatta Review: Ahoy Landsman!

VR Regatta withlogo
Sailing. A boring concept to most gamers but VR Regatta offers and experience that you can’t get from any FPS or MMORPG. To you a “boom” may be what you hear when you shoot a red oil drum. Well for your information it can also mean “a long pole that moves and that has a sail fastened to it”....

Know The Ways Of A Ninja In Sairento VR

sairento vrvideo
In Sairento VR you transform into a deadly cyber ninja. This is a mission-driven, VR action game set in a re-imagined Japan in the near future. You are a member of the Silent Ones - a righteous but covert organisation of seemingly ordinary people. You practice the long forsaken code and martial arts of the ancient ninjas. In this...

Hover Junkers Review: Junk has never been this fun

Hover Junkers with logo
Post apocalyptic environment, Hovering Mad Max style cars, Guns and all that in multiplayer! Sounds like a hell of a time. Brought to us from the developers of the hit VR game Duck Season, we get Hover Junkers.Visuals Hover Junkers has an interesting visual style. It seems to draw inspiration from Borderlands, Fallout, Mad Max and a bit of Team...
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