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Sprint Vector Review: A Race For The Ages

Remember the feeling you got the first time you saw or played Jet Grind Radio? The art style, music and gameplay clashing together into an amazingly stylish game that makes you want to live in its world. Well that’s what Sprint Vector will make you feel. Art Style Let’s start by talking about the art […]

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Race The Sun VR Review: High Speeds and Simple Design

A simple racing game to get your adrenaline pumping. High speeds, a simple design and cool music makes this a fun and addicting experience in VR. Race The Sun is a game that was released back in 2013 and recently got a update that allows you to experience it in VR. It is developed and published […]

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Zombie Grenades Practice Review: Explosions Galore

This charming little VR game puts a twist on the old shooting range style of game by arming you with grenades instead of guns and putting you against zombies instead of regular targets. Grenades? We have plenty of those. In this game you go from stage to stage throwing grenades at zombies in the hope […]