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Marble Combat: A Physics Based PVP Game

Marble Combat Feature Image
Do you remember those years when you were younger? You would gather with friends, set up a circle on the ground, place your marbles in it and try to push your opponent’s marbles out. For those old farts that answered yes, you’ll be happy to learn that a small company of three people, called  Phantom8 Studio, is working on...

Odin’s Call: One of the Best RTS Games

Odin's Call
Odin's Call is a PC / Mobile game that seeks to go back to classic RTS roots combining elements similar to Populous. Using a simplified polygon style allowing for generating large, random maps for players to explore and conquer. You create the world and decide the fate of all.About the game The way the world around you works is very...

POLYBIUS Review: A Legend Comes To Life

Legend says that in 1981 a game under the name POLYBIUS was introduced to arcades on the outskirts of Portland. The game was an assault on the senses with bright flashing colors and loud sound effects. People who played this game had seizures, fits of amnesia, night terrors. Despite all of that they would not stop playing the game....

Dive into simulator games with Deep West

Deep West Simulator Games IFGN
Deep West is an MMORPG for PC that presents a realistic simulation of the wild west. It is being developed by a small German indie studio under the name of Lone Wolf Studios.Their game is currently on Kickstarter and it needs your support to come to life. The game looks very promising and the studio is working hard to...

Bomber Barn – Bomberman Game with Cute Animals

Bomber Barn is a cute and competitive multiplayer game, featuring adorable farm animals. Bomb your friends with your unique abilities, blasting through a variety of themed maps designed for tense battles.   About the game Late Leaf Games noticed that there have been no Bomberman games lately. And this is why Bomber Barn was made. This is not your typical Bomberman...

The Legacy of Music: A Rhythm Game to Enjoy with Friends

The Legacy of Music Rhythm Game IFGNvideo
The Legacy of Music is a first person neon shooter game that combines futuristic music and puzzle solving with friends. It is developed in Unreal Engine 4 by the small indie team of two - Nezos Games. They are two Colombian students that were so passionate about video games, that they decided to start making their own. Their aim...

Caverns: Lost Sky – A Voxel Art RPG Game

Caverns: Lost Sky IFGN
Caverns: Lost Sky is a single player action-adventure role-playing game that adopts a fully destructible voxel environment. Developed by the small team Tetravoxel Limited - an army of two, the game is coming out on Steam on January 31st. Their goal is to develop innovative games that push the limits of traditional game design. They believe in the interaction...

A Quick Look at JumpHead: Battle4Fun!

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! Feature Image
If Mario has taught me anything, it’s that jumping on someone’s head is a valid combat maneuver. It seems that the developers of  JumpHead: Battle4Fun! had come to the same conclusion as it’s all about stomping down on your friends from above. The game is a four person party game that promises madness and crazy gameplay. While it’s not...

Urban Legends – The Dry Body: Approaching Release

There are a lot of great myths and stories out there in the world. Sadly, most of the obscure ones get ignored in games and media. It’s nice to see that some game developers find inspiration from the not so famous legends. Such is the case with Jefferson Souza and his new game Urban Legends - The Dry Body...

Wicked Willow – Good or Bad Witch Visual Novel

Wicked Willow is a visual novel set in the 1993 that will turn your moral compass upside down. Will you learn the ways of a witch from someone you can't trust? Would you turn trees into monsters to save a forest from clearcutters? How far would you go to fight for a love that society calls wicked?  About the visual...
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