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Caverns: Lost Sky – A Voxel Art RPG Game

Caverns: Lost Sky IFGN
Caverns: Lost Sky is a single player action-adventure role-playing game that adopts a fully destructible voxel environment. Developed by the small team Tetravoxel Limited - an army of two, the game is coming out on Steam on January 31st. Their goal is to develop innovative games that push the limits of traditional game design. They believe in the interaction...

A Quick Look at JumpHead: Battle4Fun!

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! Feature Image
If Mario has taught me anything, it’s that jumping on someone’s head is a valid combat maneuver. It seems that the developers of  JumpHead: Battle4Fun! had come to the same conclusion as it’s all about stomping down on your friends from above. The game is a four person party game that promises madness and crazy gameplay. While it’s not...

Urban Legends – The Dry Body: Approaching Release

There are a lot of great myths and stories out there in the world. Sadly, most of the obscure ones get ignored in games and media. It’s nice to see that some game developers find inspiration from the not so famous legends. Such is the case with Jefferson Souza and his new game Urban Legends - The Dry Body...

Wicked Willow – Good or Bad Witch Visual Novel

Wicked Willow is a visual novel set in the 1993 that will turn your moral compass upside down. Will you learn the ways of a witch from someone you can't trust? Would you turn trees into monsters to save a forest from clearcutters? How far would you go to fight for a love that society calls wicked?  About the visual...

A Look At The Blind Prophet – Blood of the Apostle

The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle Feature Image
Most would agree that point and click adventure games don’t have a reputation for being dark and mature. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be though and Baptiste Miny and his team are here to prove that with their project The Blind Prophet - Blood of the Apostle. The game will combine a strong storyline, a sense of fluiugh...

The Legend Of Vraz, A Stylized Adventure Game

The Legend Of Vraz Feature Image
The Legend Of Vraz is a 2D platformer with a style inspired by Indian Miniature paintings and legends. It’s being developed by Zatun, who started off as a small outsourcing studio and then gradually moved to creating their own projects. The game was developed over a period of 15 months and is now approaching its release, so what better...

Little Legend a 2D Open World Game

Little Legendvideo
Pimpim is a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world. Craft your own magic abilities, explore a huge captivating world and discover the secret behind the rebuilding of the universe.  Story As you take on the role of Pimpim - a teenager living on an isolated island with her adoptive grandfather. You work as a waitress...

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions IFGN
Although we haven’t had the chance to take a look at the first Glass Masquerade, we know that it is currently making its console release. So you can go check that out. And when you finish it but feel like you want more, come and check out the sequel - Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions, because it seems to be...

A look at dont_forget_me

The 2D pixel-drawn game dont_forget_me takes heavy inspiration from The Red Strings Club and Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn. The small indie team that works behind it, consists of three people with a passion to deliver a meaningful story to their game. And isn’t that why we love games? Because of great story-driven gameplay. When a game’s...

A Cowmergency in The Cow Game

When cows are attacked by mysterious forces on Earth, you are called upon to complete challenges and face battles to get your cattle back to their Mooooonbase. About The Cow Game Right now in Germany Hive Interactive are working hard to save the cows of Earth. They are looking for backup on Kickstarter and it looks like you might be the...
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