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Restore The Lost Race of Alive Machines in This VR Adventure Game

A young engineer named Chiaro gives life to a steam powered robot called Boka, and together they embark on a quest for the fabled Fountain of Elixir, in order to restore the lost race of alive machines to the world. About the game This is a first-person virtual reality adventure game. A young engineer returning […]

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This Is Not An Ordinary Anime Visual Novel

Silver:Line made by CodeV Productions is a beautiful fantasy visual novel that brings to life a very impressive story. About the visual novel  This is not a typical visual novel. In Silver:line you do not play as the main character, rather you play as the supporting cast. With your choices you can see the characters […]

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Have Your Mind Bent and Twisted in A Fisherman’s Tale

When done right, virtual reality games can have a huge impact on our understanding of gaming in VR. It is still somewhat easy for VR developers to create a game with a “wow” effect, because the niche is still small and there is a lot of incredible things that can be accomplished. However, more and […]