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ArmZ VR – A Dynamic Wave Shooter

Armz VR
ArmZ VR is a wave shooter that will test how quick witted you really are. Your reflexes are all that matters, shoot sharp. Operate a huge battle mech and defend the city gates at all costs. Otherwise, doomed creatures from the bottom of the post-apocalyptic hell will break through the gates and wipe the last human habitats off the...

Heralds of the Order: Become a Patronus of Balance

Heralds of the Order is a turn-based strategy game developed by the Bulgarian indie studio Archean Games. The small team is made up of a few young students with a big dream to create games. As the future responsibilities of a college graduate came closer and closer, they realized that they want to make a game before having to...

Join The Adventures of Sullivan

The Adventures Of Sullivan IFGN
Looking for something new and fun to try? Join The Adventures of Sullivan and the two-man team behind it. Bumper Car Studios consists of two brothers who had a deep passion for the classic, old 2D video games. And with that passion leading to nostalgia in nowadays modern genres, they came up with the idea of creating their own...

Urban Legends – The Dry Body: Approaching Release

There are a lot of great myths and stories out there in the world. Sadly, most of the obscure ones get ignored in games and media. It’s nice to see that some game developers find inspiration from the not so famous legends. Such is the case with Jefferson Souza and his new game Urban Legends - The Dry Body...

Ludicrous Speed Review: Can I go faster?

Ludicrous Speed logo
If you tell someone that you went out for a jog and as the buildings around you were pulsing to the beat of the music and the sky changed colors and you had to avoid circular saws, spiky pillars and lasers. All the while picking up rings and trying not to lose any of your hearts, people might think...

Adams Ascending – A Spiritual Third Person Adventure

When you see the scale, mechanics, gameplay and concept of Adams Ascending, you are going to think that it is the project of a company with a big team behind it. But it is actually the work of a single man with a simple dream. To help you find your purpose via the amazing world of gaming. Nick DePalo...

Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 Review: Arcade games for the modern high score hunter

Arcade games are like potato chips. In the same way that you can’t just have one potato chip, you can’t play an arcade game only once. There will always be a higher score than yours to beat and if there isn’t, you have to try and get an even higher one. With Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 you get two...

Wicked Willow – Good or Bad Witch Visual Novel

Wicked Willow is a visual novel set in the 1993 that will turn your moral compass upside down. Will you learn the ways of a witch from someone you can't trust? Would you turn trees into monsters to save a forest from clearcutters? How far would you go to fight for a love that society calls wicked?   About the visual...

Horror Visual Novel The Lovebirds Will Leave You Feeling Uneasy

The Lovebirds is an indie horror visual novel developed by the one-man-studio Cafearatus Studios. And being a team of one, the Finnish student managed to create everything in the game by himself. The visual novel is planned to come out in May 2019, so if you are interested in following it, then keep reading. The Lovebirds is a visual...

Visual Novel Game The Anomaly needs your support on Kickstarter

the anomaly ifgn featured
Annexe Interactive is the small development studio behind The Anomaly. Based in Northeast Pennsylvania, they manage to make it work with team members from all around the world. With their first title they aim to bring the most valuable product to their fans by doing what they enjoy the most - high quality games and software both for PC...
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