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Beyond the Stars VR – an Educational Experience with a Great Purpose

Beyond the Stars VR IFGN Featured Image
The virtual reality technology has allowed us to immerse ourselves into new worlds that only the most vivid imagination can build. It has allowed us to experience fun, joy and action on a whole new level. However it is not all about the hectic gameplay. Virtual Reality games can also be educational. If done right they can be both...

A Look at Koruldia Heritage

Koruldia Heritage cover image
If you are a fan of old school JRPG's, then I have some good news for you. Koruldia Heritage fits that description perfectly, but will also have some interesting new mechanics and ideas to offer. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising more than twice its initial goal of £10,000, so what better time to talk about it. Setting...

POLYBIUS Review: A Legend Comes To Life

Legend says that in 1981 a game under the name POLYBIUS was introduced to arcades on the outskirts of Portland. The game was an assault on the senses with bright flashing colors and loud sound effects. People who played this game had seizures, fits of amnesia, night terrors. Despite all of that they would not stop playing the game....

Embrace the VR Race with Mace and Grace

Mace and Grace pantless enemies dancing logo
I believe that VR was created for the sole purpose of making games where you kill flying pantless enemies. And to my surprise, the market is not flooded with games like that. Like, why do even the robots in Robo Recall have pants on? They are robots. It’s not like they will get cold. At least I found one...

Caverns: Lost Sky – A Voxel Art RPG Game

Caverns: Lost Sky IFGN
Caverns: Lost Sky is a single player action-adventure role-playing game that adopts a fully destructible voxel environment. Developed by the small team Tetravoxel Limited - an army of two, the game is coming out on Steam on January 31st. Their goal is to develop innovative games that push the limits of traditional game design. They believe in the interaction...

blocks – a 2D Platformer

Blocks is a minimalist platformer designed to be easy to pick up and fun to play. As you progress, the game gets increasingly more difficult, requiring you to master power-ups and timing to win! This is the first game made by the new developer BlueRichter. The game is designed to test your platforming abilities for both new and experienced...

Bomber Barn – Bomberman Game with Cute Animals

Bomber Barn is a cute and competitive multiplayer game, featuring adorable farm animals. Bomb your friends with your unique abilities, blasting through a variety of themed maps designed for tense battles.   About the game Late Leaf Games noticed that there have been no Bomberman games lately. And this is why Bomber Barn was made. This is not your typical Bomberman...

Snakelike: A Weirdly Good Combination

Snakelike Cover Image
Do you like Roguelikes? Do you like Snake? Have you ever wanted to combine the two even though it sounds like the most random combination ever? If you answered yes, then I have good news. Placate The Cattin Productions has got you covered with their latest game Snakelike. If you answered no because this concept sounds like a bunch...

Arcade Spirits: A Romantic Visual Novel for Gamers

Remember that teeny, tiny, little, HUGE video game crash that happened in 83, partially because of the E.T. game for the Atari 2600? Well I don’t because I wasn’t born at the time. But I do know a thing or two about it. At times I wonder what video games would look like these days if that hadn't happen....

You’ll Have a Blast With BOMBFEST

BOMBFEST Cover Image
Are you and your friends in a desperate need of party game with explosions and chaos. Well then you'll be interested in what Sudden Event Studios has to offer. BOMBFEST is a four player multiplayer game where, as the name might suggests, you throw bombs at people and the last man standing wins. The concept was first envisioned by...
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