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Trailer Park Mechanic is out on Steam Early Access

I have never been much of a mechanic. Cars are cool and going fast is exciting but I have never had the urge to take apart an engine like I have with a computer for instance. This didn’t stop Trailer Park Mechanic from catching my eye. The game is developed and published by Petrolhead Software and it just recently...

Pixel Happy Game Girls – An Indie Game about an Indie Game

Pixel Happy Game Girls IFGN
We at IFGN like to explore the depths of independent game development and the brilliant minds of all the indie studios out there. Today’s point of interest is the small team behind the lead of Joseph Ravan. He has been developing visual novels for over 3 years and with all of that experience, he wants to give his everything...

A look at Profundum

Profundum screenshot with logo
Profundum is a steampunk inspired adventure game with an emphasis on physics-based puzzles, storytelling and visuals. The game’s setting is a mysterious abandoned excavation site. The story revolves around finding out what happened with the missing archaeologists who used to work there. The game started development as a project at Global Game Jam 2018 but Black Mouse have decided to finish...

Himeko Sutori True Adventure in the World of RPG Games

Himeko Sutori is a tactical, turn-based RPG. It combines intimate character development with epic battles and hundreds of unique characters. With the included campaign editor, you can make new worlds and new adventures, making Himeko Sutori your story.   How it all started Nathaniel, the lead developer from Rockwell Studios started working on Himeko Sutori part-time four years ago. Then he started...

Zombie Grenades Practice Review: Explosions Galore

Zombie Grenades Practice screenshot
This charming little VR game puts a twist on the old shooting range style of game by arming you with grenades instead of guns and putting you against zombies instead of regular targets. Grenades? We have plenty of those. In this game you go from stage to stage throwing grenades at zombies in the hope of blowing them up to pieces....

ETHEREAL Review: A Meditation Session Disguised as a Game

Calm your nerves and stimulate your brain with this pleasant experience called ETHEREAL.Colorful visuals, calming audio, interesting puzzle solving and mysterious story that unfolds as you play. A “Humble Original” indie game made by the very competent people at Nonsense Arts, set to release any day now. The studio has received many awards over the last few years so...

Deadsiege – an Action RPG Game

Enter the apocalyptic fantasy world filled with beings of total destruction like monsters and demons. Become the only warrior worthy of defeating these creatures and experience intense combats. Make strong friendships that will guarantee victory in battle.   About the game Deadsiege is a game that is heavily inspired by old classic genres. It is an action RPG game set in an...

Odd Realm – a World Simulator Game

Odd Realm
Odd Realm is a simulation game set in a procedurally generated, fantasy world where you foster a group of Settlers to help them build, explore, and survive. Build a settlement that survives the passing seasons, roaming bandits, underground horrors, and gods from legend. This is similar to a colony management builder.   About the game The world of Odd Realm is always...

Drunkn Bar Fight VR a Party Simulator Game

Drunkn Bar Fight VR is a simple, immersive, silly, rowdy party game. Take turns throwing bottles, darts, chairs, tip jars or anything else you can get your hands on at opponents. You could also toss your opponent through plate a glass window when they piss you off. Enjoy performing socially unacceptable behaviour without the obligatory visits to the hospital,...

A look at PsyTrek

PsyTrek is a game that’s being developed by Stephen Walker and his studio named Axon Genesis. The studio also works on digital arts, and music which you can find on their website. About The developers call PsyTrek an “antigravity racing game” and say that it is being developed to be playable on PC and VR with its initial release planned to...
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