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BOSSGARD: Now You’re The Boss

Bossgard Feature Image
While not all games have, or need big boss battles they are still a common tradition in gaming. But have you ever wondered what it would be like from a boss’ perspective, crushing those little insignificant bugs that dare to face you. ​Sand Sailor Studio decided to just show you with their new upcoming game BOSSGARD. They are a...

A look at Urban Justice

Urban Justice IFGN
Urban Justice is a side scroller fighting game that is developed by the small indie studio Evil Bunneh. Freshly founded in 2018, the Canadian studio consists of hardcore gamers who have tons of gaming experience behind their backs. And this is exactly what contributes to their passion and creative vision for game development.Gameplay and Story As a side scroller,...

WARP-TEK: Kill Aliens, Save your Dog

WARP-TEK Feature Image
Every big game developer nowadays is going for realistic graphics and a deep story, but that doesn’t mean that the old pixelated arcade style is gone. WARP-TEK is a retro style horizontal space shooter being developed by Alex Horatio, a solo game developer from the UK. The man certainly has experience with similar games. He has successfully published numerous...

Join The Adventures of Sullivan

The Adventures Of Sullivan IFGN
Looking for something new and fun to try? Join The Adventures of Sullivan and the two-man team behind it. Bumper Car Studios consists of two brothers who had a deep passion for the classic, old 2D video games. And with that passion leading to nostalgia in nowadays modern genres, they came up with the idea of creating their own...

You’ll Have a Blast With BOMBFEST

BOMBFEST Cover Image
Are you and your friends in a desperate need of party game with explosions and chaos. Well then you'll be interested in what Sudden Event Studios has to offer. BOMBFEST is a four player multiplayer game where, as the name might suggests, you throw bombs at people and the last man standing wins. The concept was first envisioned by...

The Mysterious World of Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

Anodyne 2
In this sequel to Anodyne, explore vast 3D landscapes and shrink into surreal, 2D worlds in characters' bodies. With PS and 16-bit-influenced art styles, play as Nova, the Nano Cleaner. Seek out Cards, and clean the world's dangerous Nano Dust in order to protect the mysterious entity, "The Center".About the game The follow up to 2013's Anodyne is finally here....

Snakelike: A Weirdly Good Combination

Snakelike Cover Image
Do you like Roguelikes? Do you like Snake? Have you ever wanted to combine the two even though it sounds like the most random combination ever? If you answered yes, then I have good news. Placate The Cattin Productions has got you covered with their latest game Snakelike. If you answered no because this concept sounds like a bunch...

Travel Back in Time with Time Wanderer

Time Wanderer IFGN
Time Wanderer is developed by the small Spanish/American indie studio Timeless Games. Like their name suggest, they describe that their main mission and priority is to create “timeless” games. Enjoyable games of high quality that players are going to want to play today, tomorrow and in the future. They have a few small projects behind their backs and they...

Defeat The Lost in the RPG card game The Last Hex

The Last Hexvideo
A deck-building RPG with roguelike elements. The dead arise and only you can stand against them. Travel the lands to slay monsters, acquire new cards, survive dangerous encounters and claim powerful equipment to enhance your deck. A final showdown with The Lost awaits you in The Last Hex!About the game Today we will be looking at an RPG turn-based card...

Blood Broker Review: Mass Human Sacrifice should not be this fun!

Sometimes creative people are born in this world. And sometimes they have the urge to make things that no one else has thought of making. I believe this is the case with Blood Broker. The creator of this game goes by Juno Morrow and they are a game developer, artist, designer and photographer. A quick look of their website...
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