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Japanese VR Games don’t get more real than: Live2D VR Girls

Live2d VR Girls Yui and Fuka
There are a bunch of anime games out there. Some, where you take part of an exciting adventures and some where you just look at a bunch of cute anime girls, dancing and singing. And that’s all well and good, but when it comes to virtual reality, there is always something about all the characters. They never look and...

Will You be able to Tell Your Tale of Escape? Tales of Escape Preview

If you are not living under a rock, you probably have heard of the “escape room” also known as the “escape game” where a group of people cooperatively try to escape a room they are locked in. They do that by finding and following clues and tracks, solving puzzles, doing various tasks and more. Well, these escape rooms were...

Beyond the Stars VR – an Educational Experience with a Great Purpose

Beyond the Stars VR IFGN Featured Image
The virtual reality technology has allowed us to immerse ourselves into new worlds that only the most vivid imagination can build. It has allowed us to experience fun, joy and action on a whole new level. However it is not all about the hectic gameplay. Virtual Reality games can also be educational. If done right they can be both...

If You Want to Save the World from an Alien Invasion You Have to Play Aliens Attack VR

Aliens Attack IFGN Featured Image
Aliens Attack is a short but wild virtual reality game, developed by the Spanish studio The Game Forger. They developed the game for the Polytechnical University of Catalonia. And in March 2018 it was showcased at the "Saló del ensenyament" where more than 2000 visitors played it. It is now available for free on their Steam Page.   About the Game Aliens...

A small, Free VR game: Homeward Duck

Have you ever seen those videos where a bunch of ducklings are following a person because they think it’s their mommy? I’ve seen a bunch and I think it’s adorable. But you know what would be even cooler? If they were a bunch of ducks in space, wearing little space helmets and they were trying to find their way...

Your Sanity Might Be Shattered After You Play This Horror VR Game

Shattered Lights IFGN Featured
Today we are previewing another upcoming and very promising title for Virtual Reality, this time in the horror genre. Shattered Lights is a game that is coming out June of 2019 and is developed by a team of all-students, studying International Game Architecture and Design Programme. And the quality that they managed to reach for their project looks very...

Gorgeous new VR game: Kaisuo

Kaisuo header
Some games have you running through trenches to fight off the bad guys. Others have you digging through dozens of menus and micromanaging stats, so that you are at peak performance. However Kaisuo does none of that, instead it does put you in a gorgeous world and makes you solve intricate puzzles to progress. And for many that’s exactly...

Blast the Past: Demolition Expert in VR

Blast the Past title
We've all look at those giant wrecking ball cranes and thought to ourselves "Damn, I wanna smash something with that". The only thing that stopped me personally was the fact that I didn't have a license to operate such vehicles, but those days are now gone. No, I do not have a license, but I do have Blast the...

Paul Paul – Act 1 Game Review

Virtual reality technology is able to provide many unique experiences. Combined with the limitless imaginations of today’s developers, the industry is becoming more and more popular. It is not only used for fun, but also for educational purposes. It doesn’t only bring satisfaction, but provides a full immersion into a whole different world that takes you on a roller...

Taphouse VR: Fantasy Bartender Simulator

Taphouse VR gathered dwarfs
In Taphouse VR, you're a bartender that works in a medieval style tavern. That might not sound like the most interesting thing in the world, but that’s because you haven’t tried it. Your main and only customers are muscular dwarfs that come one after another to your establishment for a drink after a long day of work. Serve them...
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