One of the Only Anime PSVR Games: One Piece Grand Cruise

One Piece is definitely one of the most popular anime series out there. With it’s huge fan base and hundreds of episodes of character development, it’s no wonder that people want to live in its world. Many anime series have games about them but very few are in full VR. One Piece Grand Cruise is one of those anime PSVR games that lets the fans of the series become a part of it’s magical world.


Grand Cruise takes place in the wonderful world of One Piece, where you join the straw hat pirates on the Thousand Sunny. And that is still the weirdest name for a ship I have ever heard. You choose which rooms of the ship you want to visit and which characters to talk to. Each place you visit has two main characters from the anime with which you can talk. Usually only one of them does most of the actual talking though.

one piece grand cruise Zoro on a ship

Interaction with characters

When you visit a room you mainly listen to what the characters are saying to you because every once in a while they will ask you a question. These questions do not have much of an impact on your progress or on the story, so it’s not that important how you answer. Other than just listening you can look around the room for items that belong to other characters. You can pick three items that you want to select, by looking at them for a while. Then when you are complete a mission, you will be congratulated by the three characters that own whose items.


Sadly, this is one of the shorter anime psvr games out there and there are only two missions. In one you have to shoot cannonballs at a Kraken in order to stop it from destroying the ship. It the other you protect the Thousand Sunny from oncoming attacks by hitting the enemy fire before it hits the ship.

one piece grand cruise Kraken and the crew of the Thousand Sunny


One Piece Grand Cruise may be short but it is just as charming as the show. And the reason for its length is because it is a port from a promotional game in the Tokyo One Piece Tower. Obviously made with love, both for the show and for its fans, Grand Cruise is a short and sweet experience. You can find it on the Playstatios Store for psvr.

A Visual Novel For All Deck-Building Lovers

Dark Miasma is a time management game with visual novel storytelling and a deck-building twist. You only have a limited amount of time before the town of Galeport is overrun by demons, and it’s up to you to decide how to best spend your time in order to become as powerful as possible, while earning the trust of the townsfolk.


About the game

Take on the role of a new guard in town and try to earn the trust of the villagers. Your first destination is Galeport in Dark Miasma. After learning of a demonic plot to destroy the town, it is up to you to fulfill your duty and protect the citizens of Galeport by leading them safely to the Capital. However, the road to the Capital is full of dangers and obstacles. The townsfolk may not believe you unless you befriend them first. Demons aren’t the only problem though. Many dark mysteries surround the tiny coastal village. The only way to avoid misfortune is by getting to the bottom of them. You should always keep in mind that your actions not only impact the present, but the past and future as well.

The demo contains over 150 cards to use in combat, 30 enemies to fight, 3 dungeons to explore, and 6 townsfolk to befriend. There may even be a secret or two to uncover, but powerful foes await those who stray from the path.



  • The best part about this game is that it has a dozen of different endings depending on your stats, feats, and who survives the journey to the Capital And no matter how many times you replay you can always expect an interesting story.
  • With a cast of 17 characters Dark Miasma features hundreds of dialogues. Every character has their own problems and mysteries for you to solve. There is plenty of content to go through.
  • One of the main point of the game is to create powerful decks. You can choose from 500+ different combat cards.
  • While on your journey in Dark Miasma you will battle over 100 enemies with unique abilities. And if you defeat them you can capture them.
  • With every mystery you solve you get the opportunity to unlock Heirlooms which persist between playthroughs, drastically altering future runs.
  • You are able to raise your skills and craft powerful cards to improve your combat capabilities.


Dark Miasma is a one-of-a-kind visual novel that lets you build a deck of cards and unravel an interesting story. It’s a road full of adventures and many characters with which you can bond. I’d strongly recommend this game if you like well written stories.

If You Wished To Be A Witch Now Is Your Chance

Witches Brew is a fantasy, crafting, roleplay game. Play as the local witch trying to establish her place in town by helping the local villagers. With plenty of characters and an interesting story this game will keep you wanting more.

About the game

Witches brew is a game that will take you on the adventure of a struggling witch. As a newly arrived witch in town you hope to be able to serve the village by brewing potions, scrying, tarot reading, cleansing, cursing and all manner of witchery. In the meanwhile you will interact with a variety of characters within the village, each one of whom will have different needs each day. By helping everyone in the village with their needs they will become more complex. You will often be required to brew some special potions for them. Potion brewing however is a tricky art and so you may not always get the correct result every time you try it, often leading to unintended consequences. But nevertheless you will have a lot of exciting moments and many funny situations.


Selena – The Witch (protagonist)

Ellie – Tavern Girl

Morgan – Blacksmiths Daughter

Taylor – Merchant Girl

Brienne – Farmers Daughter

Vishan – Elven Ranger

Anna – Assassin


Witches brew is a game where young witches learn the ways of witchcraft. You will have many interesting encounters as you proceed with your journey. If you liked the idea behind this game support them on Kickstarter. The end result of the campaign seems clear but you can always back them up to hit a new goal and add more content to the game.

If You Love Neko Girls This Game Is For You!

Cats are super adorable and fun to play with. But today we will talk about a different type of a cat. Cat girls have always been popular and this game is all about them. This is Albert Edgard’s first ever game and it’s all about finding the perfect anime cat girl for you.


About the game

Get a Neko is an anime cat girl game that features different types of girls. The game mostly concentrates on quality drawings and animations. The initial idea behind the project was to make a puzzle game. However, the desire of the maker to create an amazing experience was limited. After all this is their first project and they aren’t very familiar with the process of creating something big.

The release plan is to publish the game in autumn of 2019, although they plan to deliver many of the bonuses as soon as possible. The team consists of 2 people – Albert Ergart and his beloved wife. For them, games are more than just entertainment. Trough games people communicate, make friends and even find love. This is exactly how this wonderful couple met. Both of them dreamed of making a game on their own but couldn’t. With their efforts gathered together they were able to make their dream come true. And with your support they can continue to do what they love.



In total there should be 12 levels, 2 for each girl. The first level for each girl will feature a fully dressed girl. And accordingly the second level will feature the girl without clothing. Quite a lot of work has been done on this project already but it still needs some help for further development. With the support of people the game will have finished artwork and animation. Also it will include music and voicing for the girls to make the game even more pleasurable. And if the project reaches its end goal Get a Neko will have a story for the girls.

The basics of the game are to use arrow keys and spacebar to “draw” lines from the edges so that to expose hidden parts of the picture of a girl. You need to expose at least 80% of it to get to the next level. While drawing these lines, you must watch out for cat bosses that will make you lose a life when they run into your line. You need to be fast and accurate because the number of the cats grows with each minute. Leaving that aside, the important part is to get to the hot girl. Achieving your goal is very fun because you need to be creative and always alert.


Neko girls are awesome and you know it. If you are a neko fan then this game is for you. If you think this project deserves to grow and you want it to be fully finished support Albert’s Kickstarter.

This Visual Novel Might Leave You Confused

Welcome to the preview of LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!, a visual novel that at first sight seems like a regular anime romance visual novel. But it feels like a very deep and intriguing twist is hiding behind it. Or that is the feel I got from reading all of the information the developers have given about it.



LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club is a romantic, slice-of-life, comedy visual novel. Its cast consists of a bunch of beautiful girls with interesting personalities and even more interesting looks. The story begins when you and Tifa, your childhood friend are caught playing video games on the school computers. Then the school council president – Stacey, kicks you out. When this unfortunate thing happens, you and your friend then join the games club with the hope to continue your lazy gaming life in school. But there is something odd about this games club – there is only one other member – a little girl who pretends to be a robot. Together you are going to embark on an easygoing, funny and romantic adventure.

IFGN LuGame Screenshot 1


LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club is a visual novel that consists of 65 000 words that offer approximately 5 to 6 hours of gameplay depending on the player’s reading speed. It will also take you on three possible branching paths with three routes. And another main feature are the datable characters that offer multiple endings. So that means that your choices will matter at the end. The game also has an original soundtrack composed exclusively for it as well as beautiful contemporary anime art style.

IFGN LuGame Screenshot 2


Now let’s take a look into the characters. Starting with Tifa, she is your childhood friend and you spend so much of your time with her that people think you two are dating. So, this character seems to be one of the potential romance interests.

IFGN LuGame Character 1

Next is Stacey. She is the president of the student council and she loves to make your life difficult. She seems to be one of those a bit more pretentious characters and she’s also daddy’s girl.  

IFGN LuGame Character 2

Then we have the games club’s only member, K-T. She claims to be a Battle-Droid and she will do anything to defend the games club.

IFGN LuGame Character 3

The last main character is Alex. Alex is a transfer student from Thailand and all of that causes cultures to clash in the classroom.

IFGN LuGame Character 4


So if you are ready to dive into the world of those girls and get to know their personalities, resolve all the different endings and see what twists hide behind LuGame: Lunchtime Game Club, then check out their Steam Page and add them to your wishlist. The game is coming out this June, so if you are a visual novel fan, don’t miss out!