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Anime Games

anime games
As a gamer, naturally the thing I am most familiar with are video games. But the world of anime is one that often crosses with that of video games. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy anime quite a bit, but more often than not I’m drawn to shows like Berserk and Cowboy Bebop and not shows like Haruhi...

Nostos – Open World VR Anime Game

NetEase, a leading Chinese internet technology company has revealed their latest video game at Gamescom 2018 called Nostos which is made for VR. Nostos is a cross-platform multiplayer VR game with open-word setting and oriented-style art. Details on the title are not that many right now, but from what is currently available it is clear that Nostos is a...

Best VR Anime Games

Recently more and more anime games have been hitting the market. That’s why we have prepared what in our opinion are the best VR anime games of 2019. Dive into the virtual reality world and experience many exciting adventures or just sit back and enjoy the show.  From an open-world game like Nostos to an anime idol performance like...

Awakening of Celestial a Fantasy Visual Novel

Awakening of Celestial is a magical fantasy visual novel filled with exciting adventures, epic moments, complex characters, and many more! Developed by Celestial Project and it will be available for PC.   Story Star-link is a high school idol group. Soon they will leave their ordinary school life and attend a performance that they will never forget. The most special night for...
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