An Anime Visual Novel With A Dating Sim Twist

Carrot Cafe is a fully animated Visual Novel and a Dating Sim game that tells the story of a young bachelor who’s forced to work on an all-girls maid café!


About the visual novel

You take the role of Satoshi. A newly graduated highschool boy who’ll be working in Carrot Cafe, an all-girls maid cafe. Your task is to manage the family business that has a secret no one knows yet. Carrot Cafe is an anime visual novel with 18+ content. Your goal is to teach a few girls how to become servants for the family business. This anime visual novel also has little elements of point-and-click. In order to go around or accomplish your goals. 


The maids need to be trained to satisfy the needs of the customers. But to be able to do that, you’ll need to find out how to do it right first. This is where you need to improve your maid cafe skills. Learn all the basics of how to become a servant first and then you can be the leader of other servants. And as usual the game will be heavily influenced by the choices you make. Your relationship with your maids and every circumstance depends on it. You can choose to be closer to some maids and more distant to others. This all depends on your own preference. Even better is the fact that all characters inside the game won’t be static images. Unlike other visual novels, every character in Carrot Cafe will be fully animated. They will come to life in front of you as if you are comunicating with a real person. This achieves immersion in this anime visual novel. Here is the best part. The characters aren’t the only ones getting animated, all the cutscenes as well. There are plenty of cutscenes to satisfy the eyes of the viewer. You will also be able to bring someone to different places. All locations will have different ways to interact with. If you feel like going back and remembering your scenes with the girls go to the gallery. And finally there are a few mini games in the game that will keep you entertained. 


The art of Carrot cafe is very interesting. It is super cute and has many animated elements which add a very nice feel for the game. The backgrounds are very colourful and detailed. The characters are also very adorably dressed like bunnies and they have a nice maid outfit that fits the theme very well. Every girl is special and has different features and a different personality. The only thing missing was voice acting. Every visual novel deserves voice acting that makes it very realistic. 

Smashing The Battle VR: Unique Among Anime VR Games

Hey, are you a fan of anime VR games? Here’s a fairly unique one, a VR game that’s not first person. Smashing The Battle VR is an action brawler beat em up where you control a anime girl with over the top weapons and armor. This is a pretty accurate summary of what the game is about. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a closer look however.


The year is 2085. A huge multiplex construction site becomes the victim of a hacking incident. Good news, most of the construction workers are robots which means few humans are directly affected. Bad news most of the construction workers are robots which means they are now murder happy. It’s now your job to clear out the mess and figure out the mystery behind the event.

Anime Girl

As for how the game plays, the VR aspect quite interesting. You hover above the battlefield, where the camera is, looking down at what’s happening. It kinda feels like looking at toys fighting in an arena for your entertainment. It’s something you almost never see in anime VR games, or VR in general, but I have to say it’s preferable to play the game with a controller.


Smashing The Battle VR is an action brawler so you probably already get an idea of how it plays. Robots come at you and you have to combo attacks in order to kill as many as possible as optimally as possible. You can also evade and then time your attack. There’s a lot of button mashing, but you can’t do it freely as you have a cooldown which you have to keep track of. Did I mention that the enemies come in large numbers, because they do, and you better choose wisely where to concentrate your attention.



Smashing The Battle VR is not the most complex or long game but it knows exactly what it is, which is a ridiculous hack and slash action brawler, and embraces this fact. There’s really not much to complain about, maybe just the fact that a Steam controller is more comfortable that VR controllers. If you’re a fan of anime VR Games and want to check it out you can visit the Steam page here.

Gal*Gun 2: Anime Girls VR

What comes to your mind when you hear “exorcism”? I’ll presume that scene from the movie The Exorcist. Well, Gal*Gun 2 has a different interpretation of it. What you might ask, by using a gadget called a pheromone gun to give euphoric exorcisms to anime girls VR. By that premise alone you might have figured out that this game doesn’t take itself seriously.


You work for the Angel Ring Company as a recruit. Your job? Protect girls from demons that are trying to latch onto them, turning them into obsessed followers. By your side you have the angel Risu. She’s not there to help you as much as you are there to help here. Risu isn’t particularly good at her job, more of an incompetent employee really, and you’re tasked with getting her to fill her quota of demon killing and have just a month to do so.

Gal*Gun 2 Demon

Outside of your job, you have two girls with whom you can try to grow closer and advance the story. One is Nanako, your best friend from childhood and the other is Chiru, a girl that lives next door. Most of the interaction with them is comprised of giving them snacks which raises their affinity for you. This opens up new events characters and quests.

Gal*Gun 2 Risu

Speaking of quest, there’s an interesting mechanic where you have to balance your schedule for form. You can do only two a day so you have to choose which requests you want to take and when to take them. There are a few different types, one where you have to guard a girl against waves of demons, a standard shooter one where you keep girls at bay and a search mission where you have to find items under a limited timer.

Gal*Gun 2 Camera

Gameplay is comprised of you going around and using your gadgets of girls to free them from demon possession and getting rid of the demons in advance. To help you with that task you have the aforementioned pheromone gun and a Demon Sweeper gun that works as a vacuum for the unholy and doubles as clothes remover.


Gal*Gun 2 is the type of weird that can only come out of Japan. It’s pretty absurd and it completely embraces this fact. Even its Steam page describes it as “the most audacious first-person shooter you’ll ever play!”. You could just call it anime girls VR and it would be accurate. Yet, it’s a fun game with solid gameplay. So if ridiculous self-aware prevy games are something you like then what are you waiting for. You can check out the steam page here.

This Is Not An Ordinary Anime Visual Novel

Silver:Line made by CodeV Productions is a beautiful fantasy visual novel that brings to life a very impressive story.

About the visual novel 

This is not a typical visual novel. In Silver:line you do not play as the main character, rather you play as the supporting cast. With your choices you can see the characters lives develop in front of you. Every decision has a great impact on what will happen or how the story will evolve. You are recruited as an imperial scholar serving the crown of Lucarene, you live a peaceful life in the castle, responsible for researching and tracking everything there is to know about the royal city.Living a life you could only dream of. Things look normal and easygoing, but one day everything changes. The Kingdoms beloved King has died, or rather has been killed. Who did this and with what motive is up to you to discover. On your journey you will meet many new characters, each with their own story to tell. So the road might be bumpy but it is very exciting. No matter how much you play there are always new discoveries and interesting mysteries. 


In Silver:Line, there are 6 love interest characters of various types for you to pursue. In addition, with our close-knit cast, you’ll get to experience not only your budding relationship with your desired love interest, but also witness the unique group dynamic as new characters join your party and everyone comes to learn more about each other.  Since you can play as one of two scripted genders, our team made sure that the player’s choice isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. Each protagonist will have different reactions and special moments, unique to them. 


Artwise this is an amazing visual novel. All the vibrant colours, all the different backgrounds are just breathtaking. You can not take your eyes off of them. Every detail is in there and it really immerses you into the visual novel. And on top of that the characters are animated and brought to life. Their reactions to every situation are very well presented and also they feel like they are really there. 


The sounds and the music are just wow. Every scene has special tracks and also every effect has a sound added to it. Be it footsteps to glass shattering. Just very impressive overall. It adds all the emotions you need to feel in each scene. Sometimes fear, other times happiness and so on and so forth. They really outdid themselves with the combination of the art animations and the sounds. I shouldn’t miss to mention the voice acting. it is indeed on a very good level. With every line I could feel the characters emotions and feel how they feel. The actors really put a lot of effort into it. 


In conclusion i have to say that this is a very beautiful visual novel that looks alive. The story is very captivating and the characters are interesting and also their voices are very impressive. i would definitely recommend trying it.


Japanese VR Games don’t get more real than: Live2D VR Girls

There are a bunch of anime games out there. Some, where you take part of an exciting adventures and some where you just look at a bunch of cute anime girls, dancing and singing. And that’s all well and good, but when it comes to virtual reality, there is always something about all the characters. They never look and feel exactly like they do in the shows. There is some piece of software that must be missing from the development process of all Japanese vr games. Turns out that there is and that software is Euclid by Live2D. Let’s take a look at their free showcase of a product of this software that is on Steam. Live2D VR Girls.

What is Live2D Euclid?

It is a software, developed by the Japanese company Live2D. It is used to turn two dimensional drawings into a model that can be used in virtual reality and looks and feels just like a real life anime person. When creating a person, you draw the head in Photoshop and you make the model of the body in Maya. Then you use Euclid to make a model that looks just like an animated version of the drawing.

Euclid software anime girl

What about Live2D VR Girls?

VR Girls is one of those Japanese vr games in which you just hang around with cute anime girls and have pleasant interactions with them. The special thing about it is that the girls are made using Euclid. The game includes two scenarios and one girl in each one. The girls are called Fuka and Yui and are voiced by Ayana Taketatsu and Tomoyo Kurosawa respectively. So not only do they look incredible but they sound amazing too. There is not much in terms of gameplay, mainly looking at things and talking with the girls. But it’s more than you can ask for in a free game.

Live2D VR Girl japanese vr games


Euclid is a very innovative and creative piece of software and Live2D VR Girls is one of the cutest free Japanese vr games out there. Check out VR Girls on Steam and give Live2D’s website to learn more about Euclid.