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Cannibal Lottery: Feeling lucky?

Cannibal Lottery is a horror visual novel that is going to give you the role of God and make you decide who gets to be eaten today! By making different choices in the game that is. According to the author of the novel and the leader of the small indie studio, Yamila Abraham, the inspiration behind Cannibal Lottery is a mix between the story “To Serve a Man” and the famous horror movie “Saw”. Where “serve” stands for “serve as a meal”. However, she didn’t want a too gory horror story like “Saw” but a rather more psychological thriller that is going to split your consciousness in half and make you doubt your sanity.

Cannibal Lottery IFGN 1


Cannibal Lottery is a psychological horror visual novel that consists of 15 lengthy chapters. It is set on a planetary settlement, built by cannibals for humans who had to flee Earth to seek a new home. When they found this new planet, its conditions were unsuitable for people. Then cannibals managed to provide the necessary environment, but at what cost? In order to repay the cannibals, lotteries are held in which the lucky winner becomes a cannibal’s dinner! How nice is that? Not very, I know. And it is up to you to make all those decisions in the course of the visual novel. You will earn stats, activate flags and manage your budget in a way to keep both parties happy – humans and cannibals. Every single choice you make will matter and cause a different outcome. For example, you could cause a cannibal rampage where cannibals go around and eat humans relentlessly. Or a colonist revolt, so you are going to want to choose wisely.

Crieghtondesk8 Cannibal Lottery IFGN 2
Lord Crieghton, Ruler of the Cannibals

Throughout the whole journey you are going to face cringe-worthy situations between flesh-hungry cannibals and terrified humans. You are going to be forced to make tough decisions in bizarre scenarios. And if you are like me, you are probably going to love it.


There are a lot of iconic characters in Cannibal Lottery, all with their own unique and interesting personalities. Some of the main characters are:


Governor Faleena Dancy 

She was put on the governor position by the cannibals, after they ate the previous one, who by the way happened to be Faleena’s husband. And it seems like she works in favor of the cannibals as her best friend, Dal-Tor is a cannibal herself.

Cannibal Lottery IFGN 3
Faleena Dancy

Provider Emissary Dal-Tor

She is questioned by everyone about her motives as she spends most of her time in Faleena’s office. Her connection with her and her daughter is questionable and everyone wonders what her true interests are.

Cannibal Lottery IFGN 4

News Editorializer Masa Murda

Interesting choice of name. Masa Murda seems to exist only to make Faleena’s life harder by presenting her in the worst light possible. She is known for her edgy jokes at the governor’s expense and she gives the player puzzles and talks to them after an ending. Of course there are far more characters in the game, but I’m going to let you meet them by yourself.

Cannibal Lottery IFGN 5
Masa Murda


Cannibal Lottery is a visual novel that is going to let you experience what life would be like in an unimaginable society. A society where humans and cannibals walk alongside and even befriend each other. The painful irony and twisted humor are promising for a good visual novel experience. The game is currently on Kickstarter. Check out their page for the full information and if you like it, feel free to back it up to help its development!

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